You are unique just like everyone else!

So if we are all one how does this work? How can we be ‘All One’, yet retain our individuality?

The answer lies in our DNA!

“Your DNA tells an amazing story—the story of Life itself. For the past four billion years or so, since the beginning of time, DNA has been the chemical of life. Everything that has ever lived, or now lives, on the planet has DNA, just as you do. Your DNA is the ‘map’ specific to you and only you! It’s what created you in the very first place and it’s what defines and identifies you as a unique individual. Your DNA is in every one of your cells from the hair on your head to the tip of your toes, and it is working every day, hour, minute, and second, creating the ‘you’ that is your physical body!”

~ DNA Wake Up-A Simple Guide

Within your DNA there is a melding of the human and the divine, which calls out your name with a sound and vibration unique to each individual. Your DNA expresses ‘YOU’ as, not only an individual, but also as part of the divine presence of all that is. It is your angelic fingerprint, so to speak. The song of your soul singing in celebration of YOU!

These two energies of YOU ~ both human and divine ~ act as one, together creating and expressing your true self. They are your individuality and your oneness with all that is. So strong in your vibration (your song) that it stands out in the whole! Not existing in full form, the spiritual soul has been divided and altered to allow us to be here on earth. These two energies intertwine, connecting each human being to themselves and each other. It is a linking which comes from the Universe and resides within you. The energies that connect and create not only your presence here on earth, but the part of you left behind, yet still joined beyond the veil, expressing the essence of your divinity in this lifetime here on earth ~ these two energies always dance together!

As you connect with the two energies of all that you are, by activating your intent, your complete essence merges the duality of this earthly and heavenly plane, personalizing your place within it during this lifetime.

It is individuality that empowers creation, setting up contrasts and making available choice. This in turn contributes to our evolution.

“You are important and your choices matter to the whole of the Universe!”

With all this in mind, claim you power and step up, for you represent all that humankind is becoming. Step by step, one inspired consciousness at a time, our world is being created and what YOU do matters. You are more powerful than you could ever know! As each of us come into alignment with who we truly are, vibrating with love, compassion and appreciation, the world will grow into a peaceful place which cultivates individual self-actualization. Do not underestimate YOUR importance in all of this, in all that we are!

Be sure not to judge others during your journey, for together we are all on individual paths to perfection. Teach through your example, choosing to elevate others with you actions. It is a steep hill we climb but we will all make it to the top as we allow personal growth at individual levels. This doesn’t mean accepting actions that come into conflict with your beliefs. It means behaving in ways that shed light on those actions and call others to account.

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness
that created it.”

Albert Einstein

So, go out into the world, be the collective individual that you were divinely created to be!

  • Be true to who you are, what feels good and what feels right to YOU
  • Look on others with understanding
  • Act in ways that call others forward and doesn’t bring them down
  • Find reasons to appreciate others
  • Know that individually we are all creating together

ॐ The Hundredth Monkey Effect ॐ

* * *

A bit of silly fun ~ How Individual Are You?

Take this simple test.


* * *

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From the Back Cover: When The Human Genome Project set out to map and identify the sequence of chemical base pairs which make up DNA, it determined that 97% of the human genome does not encode protein sequences. This 97%—considered ‘Junk DNA’—has no known function.

What really lies in the 97% that scientists call “JUNK DNA”?

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