Who Calls You Forward?

Good morning. Again, we are here. We want you to know all is well. Find peace within yourself that all will flow.

Once upon no time, a space was created that allowed for expansion. It began as a Spark which carried the energy of the Creator. Within this, all was made possible. A gift without limits. Joy and celebration were wrapped in the gift, for it allowed the You that is All of You. As one, we create in this flow of energy.

There are no rules but that of Love. Because of this, your freedom is assured. What will you create? Ignite the Spark within by being in the center of all You are. You will feel the truth and it will be your choice for you Are truly free.

There’s no judgment, only allowing. Yet in your creation, whatever that may be, you will feel your way to what is true for you. Trust your elevated Spirit of knowing which is accompanied by Joy. Let this joy call you forward. Step onto the path of your creation of Love and Light. Endless possibilities await you. Who is it that calls You forward? None other than yourself. You! It is all You!

Put your creative ability on no other and accept guidance from no other, for in the trusting of You all others will more easily find their way.

You are whole and Holy. All that is!

We are One.

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