Wake-Up Your DNA Make-Up! The Twelve Layers of DNA (Part 4): Layers 10, 11 and 12

Here we are in our fourth and final addition of Monthly Features dedicated specifically to the Twelve Layers of DNA. We have enjoyed this journey and feel blessed to have you along with us. Together we are working towards a better world filled with the love and light of God. It is our hope that this information will be as a spark lighting a fire within you acting as a catalyst in your journey upon Gaia. This is the grandest of adventures, some of you may be stepping out of your comfort zone, and others may have felted like you were coming home. Whichever the case, I have always believed that what is essential to growth is conscious awareness; for once a truth has been found it will never be lost! So, you see your DNA has begun to activate you! Through your intent and allowing, you hold the key to becoming a Master. With love and compassion, be easy on yourself as you step into all that you truly are.

After exploring these final three layers you will have now learned the basic concepts of our etheric DNA which will awaken your personal knowing and healing as well as your individual spiritual evolution. More than chemistry, ringing of truth and a higher power, your DNA has a story to tell. This story is filled with the love of God and a sacred life powered by the joy of creation!

Human DNA is where God and man meet in the mix of quantum and non-quantum, vibrating with the truth of who we are, ‘a piece of God’ in physical form. Within the sacred double helix at the atomic level there is a master plan, our awareness of this truth will open our eyes and send us on a mythical journey towards expanded human consciousness.

DNA is perfect and cannot be improved; it does not need to be activated but is ready and waiting for your instructions to activate your higher consciousness!

So, once again let us discover who we truly are through the portal provided by our DNA, connecting to Spirit itself!  This will be an individual journey for no human has the exact same DNA. Your individual DNA creates the informational instructions that keep your body going, lying in wait for your personal ‘wakeup’ directed by individual human intent.

Remember to relax and enjoy these teachings!

“Dear Human Being, this is the love of God at its best, where there is an energy in your DNA to help you believe! It works with free choice, but once you decide to look for the creator inside, it begins that background paint job – something that will help everything you look at make sense as you move forward in spirituality.”

KRYON from The Twelve Layers of DNA (Kryon, Book 12) pg 193

Our intention is to describe the Twelve Layers of DNA from an etheric perspective to expand individual awareness. Remembering that these layers are all interactive and work with each other, although identified separately they are not apart from each other. These layers are random and not linear, however for the purpose of this description, have been numbered 1 through 12 in four groups of three.

Let’s get started on the description of the last three layers, 10, 11 & 12.

GROUP FOUR consists of the final three layers of your etheric DNA. Called The Divine God Layers these layers have no specific function but instead act as the framework for everything! In contrast to Group One these layers do not exist in 3D at all but rather are quantum and are the eternal framework of our beings. Existing everywhere Group Four cannot be segmented.

Layer TEN:  Fully quantum this layer speaks of Divine Belief and is an essence which touches all other layers. You will know this layer as it calls to you in the synchronicities of your evolving spirituality which is a fully active energy in all Ascended Masters.

Layer Ten is the spark within that opens to the wonderful possibility of believing in God, the glint through the door that calls you inward towards God. Powered by free choice and human intent this layer gives life meaning and sits waiting to be allowed. Once you hear the call or allow the feeling your life will change forever. For it is the foundation of faith, assisting you in discovering your spirituality on your own, with grace and understanding.

                       “Layer Ten is also called “The Divine Source of Existence” by Kryon. The ten reduces to a one in numerology, again indicating the energy of “new beginnings.” It is the first of the divine, “God layers” that represent the “call to understanding your divinity”.The God layers are “action layers” because they facilitate the divine within, thereby facilitating enlightenment and remembrance of who you are.” ….Kryon

All the layers have “names of God” in Hebrew which have been received through Lee Carroll from Kryon. We are sharing these with you in hopes of further expansion and a bit of fun during your DNA wake up!

* * *

10. (God Layer One)  Vayikra – 
Kryon’s Interpretation –   “The Call to Divinity/ Recognition of God in You”

The basic information is that this layer must be considered as a package with 11 and 12. These last three are then called “action layers” and are different from any of the attributes of any of the former 9. Kryon puts them in the “God” Group.

va – as in vamoose
yik – as in yield
r – pronounced as something between the English r and the guttural French r
a – as in arc
Accent second syllable.

Click to hear Hebrew Pronunciation

* * *

Layer ELEVEN: Vibrating with Pure Compassion the Wise Divine Feminine brings balance. As with all the God Layers standing waiting to be called upon, Layer Eleven brings together the best of both genders. As seen in the Masters who radiate strength, compassion and balance.

Encompassing the compassion of God which is the most powerful force in the Universe, this layer once called on, will soften the hearts of humanity and bring about peace not only individually, but will turn the world towards love and understanding.

Layer Eleven is not about goddess energy or even about female energy. The Hebrew name has no feminine connotation in that language. Instead, Kryon indicates that this “Wisdom of the Divine Feminine” is the energy of pure compassion, and is what is missing in the duality balance of the earth at this moment. Perhaps the prophet Micha was wise in this area? It is the layer that became enhanced with the Venus Transit of 2004, and it is the true secret of peace on earth. Human Beings with this layer enhanced are balanced with the masculine and feminine duality energy. It is one of the “God Layers” which is being enhanced in these times, in preparation for 2012. You can see the struggle all over earth, with those who wish to conquer (the masculine-heavy old energy) and those who wish to balance and compromise (the new balance). This truly is one of the main layers that is changing the most, and will be the one that is most obvious in the personalties of the new leaders of this planet. Watch for a more balanced leadership all over the earth. (Lee Carroll notes: Please God… let it be soon!)” …..Kryon 

* * *

11: (God Layer Two) Chochmah Micha Halelu —
Kryon’s Interpretation – “Wisdom of The Divine Feminine”

The basic information is that this layer must be considered as a package with 10 and 12. These last three are then called “action layers” and are different from any of the attributes of any of the former 9. Kryon puts them in the “God” Group.

ch – (guttural) A sound produced through the use of throat and back of the palate, much like the pronunciation of Bach in Johann Sebastian Bach or the Jewish holiday Hanukah (this ch sound is not in standard English).
o – as in core
mah – as in manifest

mi – as in middle
ch – (guttural) A sound produced through the use of throat and back of the palate, much like the pronunciation of Bach in Johann Sebastian Bach or the Jewish holiday Hanukah (this ch sound is not in standard English).
a – as in arc

hal – as in al
li – like lay
lu – as in loo

Click to hear Hebrew Pronunciation

* * *

Layer TWELVE: Let me first share with you a definition of God.

                “What is God? It is simply the word you use for the creative energy of the Universe and that which is everywhere, quantum, with no beginning or no end. God is also within you, but not residing in you. God has split apart a piece that lives in you, which is also in an entangled state (part of God—part of you), There is a part of the creator consciousness in every Human who has ever lived on this planet”
KRYON from ‘The Twelve Layers of DNA’ pg 202

Layer Twelve represents God, The Creator and The Divine Force of Life! This Layer is the fundamental nature of God which is within you, but not residing in you. It is the pure unconditional love of God which exists everywhere and is within everything existing on both sides of the veil. Sparking your own intuition this layer is the life force of God within every human Being. Blending together God as a life force in everything in existence including YOU, The Divine Human Being!

               “Layer Twelve is very simple. It’s the God layer, the most divine, and truly the layer which is “The God Within.” There are many divine layers, but this one is 12… the last and highest in vibration of all of them. What does it do? Kryon says, “Don’t look for these layers to do anything, any more than your home does something. It provides you with peace, shelter, and a feeling of being home. Let the God layer be home for all of you.” …Kryon 

* * *

12. (God Layer Three)  El Shadai —
Kryon’s Interpretation –  “Almighty God”

The basic information is that this layer must be considered as a package with 10 and 12. These last three are then called “action layers” and are different from any of the attributes of any of the former 9. Kryon puts them in the “God” Group.

e – as in met

Sha – as in sharp
dai – as in dye

button-hear-it-green-dna-activationClick to hear Hebrew Pronunciation
* * *

Upon the completion of this study of The Twelve Layers of DNA I felt humbled by the knowledge I had gained. That ‘God’ was all over, around and through, with us and as one in me and every other Human Being. Seeded in everything! An all-powerful God awaiting my conscious intent, this knowing filled me with awe!

This feeling turned into compassion as I thought, all others have this in their DNA but have not looked to see (feel) it.  Whether or not it is mentally acknowledged, we are all part God, one and the same!

Then I slid into a feeling of euphoria at the sheer joy and limitless potential I hold! We all hold!  In the acceptance of our Godhood we can all become Masters!

The love of God is everywhere in everything!


Appreciation’s the highest form of prayer!

You are one with God and the power within you is ABSOLUTE! 

We have composed a worksheet with some questions to assist in this experience.
Print it out and answer the questions or simply contemplate them with an open heart.


Use this graphic for meditation and inspiration.

For more DNAwakeup exercises and processes see these pages:
* * *

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