Wake-Up Your DNA Make-Up! The Twelve Layers of DNA (Part 3): Layers 7, 8 and 9

For those of you who have been accompanying us on our journey through the 12 layers of DNA, welcome back! To our new visitors we also welcome you and invite you to visit our August and September Monthly Features for parts one and two of The Twelve Layers of DNA.

As we continue on with our explanation of The Twelve Layers of DNA we would like to remind you that this teaching of the basic concepts of our etheric DNA is open to your individual interpretation. Feel your way within your own DNA to your inner knowing and healing as well as your individual spiritual evolution. More than chemistry, ringing of truth and a higher power, your DNA has a story to tell. This story is filled with the love of God and a sacred life powered by the joy of creation.

Human DNA is where God and man meet in the mix of quantum and non-quantum, vibrating with the truth of who we are, ‘a piece of God’ in physical form. Within the sacred double helix, at the atomic level there is a master plan, our awareness of this truth will open our eyes and send us on a mythical journey towards expanded human consciousness.

DNA is perfect and cannot be improved; it does not need to be activated but is ready and waiting for your instructions to activate your higher consciousness!

So, once again let us discover who we truly are through the portal provided by our DNA, connecting to Spirit itself!  This will be an individual journey for no human has the exact same DNA. Your individual DNA creates the informational instructions that keep your body going, lying in wait for your personal ‘wakeup’ directed by individual human intent.

Remember to relax and enjoy these teachings!

“Today, most Humans on Earth eventually search for the creator as soon as they are old enough to do so. This is an attribute that is caused from “missing the other side.” You Know intuitively that you are part of God, that your soul essence isn’t just biology. It causes even the atheist to cry out to God the instant before he leaves the earth on his deathbed – sometimes in solitude, sometimes not. For it is imprinted on his DNA, within the 12 energies, that God is inside and is related to him.”

KRYON from The Twelve Layers of DNA (Kryon, Book 12)  pg 333

Our intention is to describe the Twelve Layers of DNA from an etheric perspective to expand individual awareness. Remembering that these layers are all interactive and work with each other, although identified separately they are not apart from each other. These layers are random and not linear, however for the purpose of this description, have been numbered 1 through 12 in four groups of three.

Let’s get started on the description of Group Three, DNA layers 7, 8 & 9

GROUP THREE is made up of layers 7, 8 and 9. This group is referred to as ‘The Lemurian Layers’. Humankind has evolved into one basic kind of human without the variations you find in other mammals. Seeded by what can be described as Angelic Forces or Divine Intervention, within us lies a longing for ‘home’. Group three represents the core of what differentiates us from other mammals, our connection and memory of this ‘home’. Within these layers lies the understanding of human history upon Gaia and within ourselves which will bring alignment and true healing.

* * *

Layer SEVEN:  Powering our search for ‘home’ or beyond the veil to the house of God our reveled divinity lies within this layer. Often called The Third Language; its nagging presence drawing us inward to our connection with source. Affirming that we are all one and Humankind has been bestowed with the seed of creation.

This layer is a gift from God through divine intervention and is what sets us apart from all other mammals. Prompting spiritual awareness and continually sparking the search for the divine presence within us and all that we are.

                   “Layer Seven is one of three Lemurian layers. It is also part of an important pair… 7 and 8. These are “The Lemurian Pair Layers.” This is one of the two given to us by the Pleiadians as a divine complement to the Earth’s normal DNA progression. It’s Lemurian name, Hoa, Yawee, Maru, is the description of the intuitive interdimensional sense that Lemurians had, and also means “Revealed Divinity.” …….Kryon

Again, all the layers have “names of God” in Hebrew which have been received through Lee Carroll from Kryon. We are sharing these with you in hopes of further expansion and a bit of fun during your DNA wakeup!

* * *

7: (Lemurian Layer One)  Kaduman Elohim
Kryon’s Interpretation –
 “DNA Home Language and Revealed Divinity” 

In Lemurian, Kryon gave the name as: Hoa-Yawee-Maru
(Hoe – Yaweee – Maroo)
Which means: “The DNA Home Language”


ka – as in bard
du – like do in “to do”
mah – like in Ma
Accent second syllable

E – e as in met
lo – o like in Lord
him – like in him
Accent third syllable

button-hear-it-green-dna-activationClick to hear Hebrew Pronunciation

* * *

Layer EIGHT: Let me first start by explaining the meaning of Akashic Records, for this layer is our connection to them. Derived from the Hindu philosophy Samkhya, Akashic records refer to all the knowledge of humankind upon Gaia. Also referred to as the ‘Hall of Records’, the totality of your soul’s existence upon the earth can be found here.

  “The Akashic record is like an immense photographic film, registering all the desires and earth experiences of every human being since time began, the reactions to experience of the entire animal kingdom, the aggregation of the thought-forms of a karmic nature (based on desire) of every human unit throughout time.” ……….  Alice A. Bailey “Light of the Soul”

Layer Eight contains the connection to your Master Akashic record. This is an earth based aspect and does not exist without the human being and is a personal record of YOU! Not just your physical being but your soul and its journey here on earth.  Within your DNA lies access to a quantum library which celebrates all you have ever been and these aspects of you influence you in this lifetime, creating the largest part of who you are. Accessing our Akashic records through layer eight is a powerful tool in our spiritual growth for it calls on the wisdom and responsibilities of our past.

                   “Layer Eight is one of three Lemurian layers. It is also part of an important pair… 7 and 8. These are “The Lemurian Pair Layers.” This is one of the two given to us by the Pleiadians as a divine complement to the Earth’s normal DNA progression. It’s Lemurian name, Akee, Yawee, Fractua (sometimes Fractus), means Record of the Masters, and has the energy of “Wisdom and Responsibility.” This layer IS the MASTER AKASHIC RECORD of your lifetimes on earth. It has more meanings than any layer.

* * *

8: (Lemurian Layer Two) Rochev Baaravot
Kryon’s Interpretation – “Riders of the Light”

In Lemurian, Kryon gave the name as: Akee Yawee Fractua
(Awe key – Yaweee – Frack-two-au)
Which means: “The Master Record”or “Record of the Masters”

r –
 pronounced as something between the English r and the guttural French r.
o –
 as in core
ch –
 (guttural) A sound produced through the use of throat and back of the palate, much like in the pronunciation of Bach or the Jewish holiday Hanukah (this ch sound is not in standard English).
e –
 as in met
Accent second syllable

a –
 as in bard
r –
 pronounced as something between the English r and the guttural French r.
o –
 as in core
Accent forth syllable.

button-hear-it-green-dna-activationClick to hear Hebrew Pronunciation

* * *

Layer NINE: This layer is very exciting for most people, known as the Healing Layer you can understand why.  The third Lemurian layer, calls for your attention to assist in the healing of the Human Being. Layer nine is the bridge to ascension, to healing, to self-worth and mastery. Working with Layer One, which resides firmly in 3D yet is also multidimensional, we creating an action of healing.  Awakening the body’s ability to heal through conscious intent it is the missing ingredient in modern medicine. Through this layer our body ‘knows’ what is needed to call forth physical recovery. Designed to create healing through prayer, meditation, worship, faith and positive thinking, miracles occur, for there is nothing stronger than human intent!

“The Human Being who talks to his cells daily is kindling the flame of an expanding consciousness. “ ……Kryon

One way of communicating with your cells is Kinesiology which we have explored a few articles ago. Visit this again for deeper understanding and to aid in good health and healing!

                  “Layer Nine is the “healing layer, also Lemurian, but very Human (not Pleiadeian). It is the one that is responsible for miraculous healing, and is the antenna of DNA in an interdimensional way, that “talks” to layer one and provides a 4D response to the Human body (healing). It is also represented by the Violet Flame, of St. Germain. Some call it “Intelligent Human Cell activation.” It “listens” for harmony, according to Kryon, to activate healing.”                                                                                    ….Kryon

* * *

9: (Ascension and Activation) Shechinah-Esh
Kryon’s Interpretation – “The Flame of Expansion”

Kryon indicated that this layer is the one affiliated with the energy of
St. Germain’s “Violet Flame.”

e –
 as in met
ch –
 (guttural) A sound produced through the use of throat and back of the palate, much like in the pronunciation of Bach in Johann Sebastian Bach or the Jewish Hanukah (this ch sound is not in standard English).

i – like in be
a –
 as in bard

e –
 as in met
Accent third syllable

button-hear-it-green-dna-activationClick to hear Hebrew Pronunciation

* * *

We have now explored the first three groups of our etheric DNA, layers 1 through 9. As our knowledge builds so does our excitement! We are on the cusp of living our full potential, becoming the creators we were divinely designed to be.

Allow yourself to accept your power and connection to God.

You are a magnificent Human Being!

Within this three dimensional life, our DNA carries our divinity.  Allow the innate wisdom of your DNA to activate you. The fourth and final grouping of our DNA contain ‘The Divine God Layers’ (layers 10, 11 and 12), these will be the topic of our November Monthly Feature. We look forward to these remaining insights and welcome your company during this exciting journey.

We have composed a worksheet with some questions to assist in this experience. Print it out and answer the questions or simply contemplate them with an open heart.


Use this graphic for meditation and inspiration.

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