Truth of Our Oneness

Welcome. Space is a vacuum that encases your world. Time dances within this space creating a tapestry of experiences that call you forward.

As your Spark, the Spark of others, and the Spark of God dance upon the grid interlocking one with each other, a Glorious Light is created. Folding, waving, and igniting with the Love and Power of the Universe.

Let Your Light Shine. Trust in the Source of this Light, for it is the Spark of God which leads you Home. You sit in this Space always. Directing your Love towards the Light. Feel the interplay of Peace in your Heart.

How romantic and soothing it can be right where you are. It feels so simple yet, it has taken you what seems to be ‘ages’ to rest in this Space. You have been ramping up in your quest for the Light, while all along, you have been within it.

The dance of all the Light together has been a powerful draw and an igniting adventure. Rest now within it. Together we spin!
You know the truth of our Oneness.
You know you are a piece of God, a child of the universe.

Forever cherished and resting in the arms of the Creator.
It is time for you to let yourself and All others, be set free. Embrace the Peace that is within all things here and now!



Antara Mana

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