Truth is Being Revealed – Upon the Golden Path

Welcome. We gather around you in a Loving Embrace. In a seemingly slow manner, all is being prepared for Renewal, for a recovery, so to speak of an Alignment which has never been withdrawn. Yes, this alignment has been pushed aside by many in modern-day distractions and desperate attempts at understanding.

Massive changes have come upon the people of Earth. This equates to a massive opportunity to reestablish what has left the little mind in fear and foreboding. It is not done yet. Much more is to come. So, be patient. Hold fast to the Truth of Being. Waves of discontent are continuing to breed agitation and uncertainty in a lost promise, of a future previously guaranteed, to be granted by governing forces.

This agitation is stirring the pot, so to speak. Be not sucked into this disharmony, this worry, and fear. Be of Heartmind. Be True to Your practices which connect You to Universal Power, to God itself.

There are many hidden among You. Sparks throughout the World that remain unseen. A massive Awakened army of Souls Unites in Love and Light. Touched in an instant they will be ignited to join, side-by-side with those who have stepped forward and are already Shining their Light.

Fear not that when the time comes You will be standing alone or in small numbers. As the veil thins and the Truth is being revealed incrementally, the way will be made for those on the brink, those quietly waiting to jump aboard and join the ranks of those upon the Golden Path.

Your constant and consistent example aids in this transformation of Souls. So, we say to You, “steady on”. Be of good cheer, valiant Sparks of God.

In Truth, it is done. An adjustment to the Energetic balance is near. Such a time has never been. Such a remarkable, Holy Transformation has never occurred. Acknowledge Yourself as a faithful and worthy participant in God’s plan for Salvation.

We bow to you in recognition and support, celebrating your Holy Alignment and perseverance. Shine on Bright Spark of God, in this, the Vibration of Mother Earth, of Gaia expands in Resonance and Emanates Higher.

From lumps of clay to Enlighten Beings, proving nothing is impossible. Creation is unstoppable. God is and therefore You Are.

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