Together In Oneness

Welcome. We are here today as we can be always. As we are always. You are not journeying alone in this world adrift in time and space. Sparks fly, through and all around the Universe in Oneness with the eternal Love of the Creator.

It is time for you to relax into this Oneness and Love, for you know its truth. Our Oneness is deeply embedded in your certainty of being, as your being itself. It is an openness that is called for now. A forgiveness of all earthly shadows that you have laid upon yourself and others.

Choose Love and choose Love again and again. Does it not feel good? Does it not call you forward to your place within God? Together we shine a Light so bright all else is forgotten. Immerse yourself in the Love of God. Spark your desire for nothing else. Choose Love and choose Love again.

Peaceful introspection will follow, and simplicity and ease will be your pleasure. Your reward. This reward has been within you all along, waiting for your acceptance. You have felt it but, did not dare to hold it as a gift given to you. Claim it now. You need delay no longer. Your family awaits. Together In Oneness, we are The Spark that shines, illuminating ‘All That Is’.

Feel the comfort of these words and allow yourself to believe what you have always truly known within.

God Is, therefore, I Am.

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