This May Seem Too Simple

Here we are. We welcome you to your higher wisdom. Within you lies all you need to know. Be still and listen.

No one is left without their inner wisdom. Although many doubt this Inner Voice. Guidance is always given for you are Divine Limitless Spirit. Who is it that speaks? It is God of which you are a part. This Spark is your awareness of the piece of God that you are. Love is your essence, and the connection is assured.

This is not an ability allowed to only a few but, a natural state of being provided for all. Static of the material world clouds your hearing at times but, know that we are always with you. Trust in the messages that are streaming to you from the Universe for they guide you to a higher vibration. To many, this may seem too simple. Some look outside themselves when all the wisdom of the Universe, all that is needed to become and grow into all you are, is within Yourself. For you are that! You are one with the Universe and all that is.

Wrap yourself in a blanket of Love and trust the Spark that is within you will answer all your questions, asked and not asked.

The path of light is laid out before you. Own it for yourself for it belongs to you.

As one, we will all know the truth of being.

You are the Spark of God!

You are Awareness.

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