There is No Judgment

Welcome. It is a day of blessings. The way is being made clear for you. Your ability to create is enhanced, as your thoughts turn to the truth of All That You Are. Focused intent directs your Spark towards God. The Universe stands ready as a blank canvas awaiting your direction.

Your pallet is filled with all the colors of the rainbow and so much more. You have dabbled, you have experimented, and all this dabbling and experimenting has led you closer to All That You Are.

Nothing on this Earth Plane is permanent. All things can be repainted, restructured, re-created. With a wave of your brush of knowledge, you are the master.

What is it you would call forward?

Rejoice in the choices that are yours. Create with abandon, knowing you are always safe to expand your vision. There is no judgment of what you place upon your canvas. There is, however, peace that can be found and secured when your intent is focused on the Love and the Light of the One Creator who abides in you.

Choose to create beauty and bask in the Holiness of the Love of the Universe. The Spark of God, which is you, will light your way. Trust your inner guidance, and a colorful world will be manifest right before your eyes!

Immerse yourself in the light.

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