The Importance of Appreciation!

The Importance of Appreciation!

In our last two features we explored Creating Positive Intentions and The Art of Manifestation. This month we would like to share with you some ideas about the powerful ‘feeling’ aspect of creating the life you seek, Appreciation.

Appreciation is defined as an acknowledgment of the quality, value, significance, or greatness of people and things. It is an expression of gratitude felt within the heart, a feeling or attitude in acknowledgment of a benefit that one has received or will receive.

Your intentions become manifestations because of the feelings that you send out. Your feelings behind your thoughts! Being in harmony with your desire eases the flow of creation, allowing manifestation. Appreciation is a way to create this harmony, by allowing you to feel positive emotion. The most empowering attitude you can possibly aspire to express is one of gratitude and appreciation. Feeling truly grateful for what is currently manifesting in your life will automatically and effortlessly attract more good into your life; by creating a field of positive energy that will attract more of what you desire. Looking into the heart of the present moment for what is pleasing and good right now is a powerful tool!

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“To speak gratitude is courteous and pleasant, to enact gratitude is generous and noble, but to live gratitude is to touch Heaven.”

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Appreciation and Gratitude are the best feeling parts of creation! Even more importantly is the power that these two attributes hold in the proses of creation. Not only do these feelings come upon completion of manifestation but, when felt before and during manifestation, they empower and fuel your intentions.

Gratitude is the humble acceptance, with grace, of the gifts of the Universe.

Throughout your day take time to consciously feel appreciation. Think about what brings you joy, become aware of how many good things actually happen. It may be as simple as the sun on your face, a refreshing breeze, a thoughtful word, the company of a friend, or just feeling good about something you have accomplished. Tap into past experiences, choosing to focus on what went well and you will find evidence of your wellbeing and reasons for appreciation.

“As you follow your bliss, the smile that graces your face expresses an inner knowing and an appreciation that you are on track, following your path, creating all you desire. Feel your heart swell with joy!”

Draw your attention away from lack or shortage and you will begin to notice a change in your perception when viewing and experiencing what is happening in your life. You will become more aware of the positive things that happen all around you every single day! Your focus will shift, your energy will shift, and you will begin to appreciate how blessed you already are and in return more blessings will continue to flow to you.

Your DNA also stands ready to respond to your focused attention towards appreciation. When your right foot hurts focus on how well your left foot feels, reminding your DNA that this is what you intend. Acknowledge with appreciation the regenerative, healing abilities that are within your physical being. Generating positive emotions lowers stress, increases heart health and facilitates general wellbeing.

Evolution and expansion are your natural states—as you see and notice that which you appreciate, you will see and notice more to appreciate, calling forth effortlessly that which you intend. You will be inspired and drawn to the things you appreciate, in this, manifesting your intentions becomes second nature; flowing with ease.

Thank You- Gratitude Video, Lynne Atkins

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Appreciation comes from being more present, more thoughtful, aware and active, in reflecting on the reasons you feel better, happier and inspired about something or someone. Focus on the positive attributes of a thing. When you practice conscious appreciation you will bring about a positive mindset. Look for things to appreciate, learn to practice active gratitude.

POWER UP Your Appreciation:

  • Notice beauty and what is going well, both small and large.
  • Take yourself to places that you like and enjoy; places that inspire you.
  • Acknowledge your own positive attributes.
  • Savor what brings you joy.
  • Verbalize your appreciation to others whenever possible.

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Send a Thank You to someone with this short video!


Watch an inspiring short video on gratitude!


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