The Heart Path


It is with simplicity that we call you forward. Not pulling, not pushing, but encouraging and allowing. This open path that stands before you cleared by the ‘Spark of God’ is yours to follow if you choose.

The Heart/Path is bright for it is filled with the Love of the Universe. Surrounded by what seems to be darkness, a pinpoint way that calls. Always clear and always open.

There is no judgment in the darkness that surrounds the light for this darkness serves to shine the light more clearly. Activating your vision.

Walk into the dark and all things will be enlarged for your clarity and understanding. If only you look and feel within. It is there that freedom lies. For when you are in the darkness do you notice what it is that your feelings are communicating to you? You can see your feelings and desires, you can see your feelings and choose again. Release and step onto the path of light. Thankful and grateful are we for the darkness which causes the light to be illuminated.

Release your judgment about where you are. Being guided to the light is the great and Holy reason for the dark, for only by seeing and knowing what you are not can you know yourself as the God-Self that you are.

Find peace in being all of it.

Clarity is at hand.

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