The Art Of Manifestation

The Art Of Manifestation


Manifestation doesn’t come with an Ala-KABAM! —it comes into being following the directions of your intentions. Positive Intention is a powerful tool in creating the life you desire. If you have not read our last month’s feature you may want to take a few minutes to review it.

Let’s look at the results of your intentions now and focus on:

The Art of Manifestation

Acknowledge small manifestations and more will come.

Manifestation can be described as: A materialization out of word or thought; a perceptible indication. A public display of emotions or feelings. Something theoretical made real.

” Manifestation is generally understood to be how our desires and intentions find expression in our life. Both successful manifestation and synchronicity events can indicate that you are on your correct path!” ~ Deepak Chopra

Intentions are thoughts and desires empowered by feelings, your core beliefs. Manifestations are the results of your alignment with your intentions. When your etheric vibration emanates your belief and understanding of limitless possibility, falling into agreement with your desires, you will ‘line up’.

Lining up = focusing on and believing in your ability to manifest your intentions.

As you ‘line up” with your intentions your DNA responds, aiding in your becoming, supporting you on a quantum level, bringing forward your intentions and awareness as your evolution is accelerated.

The Universe is conspiring to grant your wishes!

The Universe feels your vibration emanating from your core and responds connecting you with your desires.

Rarely do manifestations fall into a persons lap or knock at the door of those not willing to engage in the physical pursuit of their desires. You must aid in bringing them forward. Manifestation calls for action, once you have set your intentions, go out into the world with new eyes, believing in the unlimited potentials and unforeseen possibilities available to you. Place yourself in a position to receive by putting yourself out there!

Full understanding of how a thing will manifest is not required for that can be limiting. The unfolding of your desires will not always show up in the ways you might expect. Expect the fulfillment of your desires, but do not set strict parameters for how this will occur, that will limit the ability of the Universe to deliver.

Move forward as if what you have called for is real and in existence, bringing it to your focused attention. Be aware of the synchronicities presented before you leading down the path of creation, for you are a creator at large!

The path to your desires will light up before you, but it is ultimately your choice to step upon this path. Embrace what is offered! Follow your innate knowing, your intuition of what feels good. You have been imbued with insight, inner wisdom and courage.

* * *

The Path to Manifestation is Paved by Your Intentions

If your path becomes foggy or hard to define, slow down and breathe, focusing once again on your intentions. You may be out of alignment, distracted by —bright shiny objects— or misleading energies of fear and doubt. Simply acknowledge what you are feeling and begin your realignment without judgment.

* * *

Follow these seven simple guidelines to personal manifestation:

  1. Feel appreciation; give thanks for what you have now.
  2. Relax, feel your desires calling you forward
  3. Focus on positive thoughts, trusting your inner wisdom.
  4. Set intentions, empowering them with feeling.
  5. Be aware and open to the limitless possibilities that lie before you; look for synchronicities.
  6. Act! Follow your inner, Divine guidance.
  7. Receive with appreciation what you have manifested.

* * *

A great manifestation guided meditation video.

* * *

Ted Talk: Mindfulness, Meditation and Manifestation

* * *

Inspirational reading and audio on Manifestation:

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