Stand Before the World

Welcome. Brace yourself for a profundity of truth.

You are a Divine being.


You see, you already knew this. How does it feel? This truth lies within you and it comes as no surprise. How long have you sat with this knowing and not really cared? I tell you now so that you may step into your power. It is time for you to step in to the truth and ‘be’ your Divine Self.


No more shielding, hiding yourself away, and keeping this truth to yourself. Open your heart and be the Spark of God! Combine this knowledge with Grace and trust yourself to go, do, speak, be yourself always. Step into You.


Each morning wake to Yourself as a Divine Being. Declared this a truth you have known within. In doing so you will be assured that you will be lead in truth to your Divine calling.


No more hiding, no more pretending. Stand before the world naked in the truth of your Divinity. You are being called forward. Feel the Love and acceptance of yourself, for yourself, and all others will be inspired.


We are oneness, together stepping up into a Higher Consciousness. Allow your Divinity to call you forward. For this is the Healing that is called for now. Create as you were meant to. No more waiting is required.


Go Team Go!

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