Spark of God

Welcome. Another wave of wisdom is approaching. Upon it rides safety and assurance that you are and always will be cared for. Open your heart to the understanding of this. Allow a gentle acceptance. Flow and trust while gently pushing aside doubt and fear. Doubt and fear are within you as they have been created in counterbalance to growth, but they no longer can hold tight to your thoughts. Open your eyes and you will see doubt and fear enter your periphery, at that time hold up your hand in recognition and fill your heart with the truth that you are one with the Universe. Cared for and safe.

Be at peace. When peace cannot be found within you, place a ‘Spark of God’ in the center of the fearful thought, that it may not persist. Conscious attention will push/send fear and doubt to outer space carrying us deeper into all we are. Take the time to see when these feelings of doubt and fear show up. Look into them and disperse them with the ‘Spark of God’. Accept that fear and doubt need not be. In the clarity, this ‘Spark’ created a path that will be revealed. Guidance will be clear. Sit still at these times, release effort. Trust in yourself as God the Creator and know all is well.

Peace surrounds you, reach in and grab it.

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