Shine Light on the World

Peace be with you for all is well. Sit still in this peaceful knowing. There is nothing you specifically ‘need’ do. The path to peace is not restricted to one concrete way. This path is multifaceted, flowing, and accommodating to your individual creation.

Your path which leads to well-being stands as a guide, illuminating your way in the direction that serves you best, for you are the creator of it.

Some seek clarity in art. Some find clarity in silence, others find clarity in music, in chanting, in stillness, in dance. Your path will bubble up in your personal knowing and merge with the Universe, with God, with All That Is.

Judge not your path or the path of others. Follow your bliss and know that it is God who calls you forward. This call can start as but a whisper which grows louder, as you are drawn knowingly to your path.

Your path is the Golden Thread, made manifest in the mind, to clarify your journey on the grid. It calls your Spark forward into all that you are, as one with all in Universal Love.

The Spark that is you is called along its way as an electrical current, returning to its Source. Glowing brighter and brighter until it becomes one with the Light of All That Is. In this way, you shine light on the world. In this way, all is born anew in the presence of God.

Be Your Radiant Self!

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