Rising Towards Unity

Welcome. Nothing harmful can come from your withdrawing from illusion. Dive into the Miraculous. The Divinity which connects your Spark to Mother Gaia will clear your Vision. Colors will become more vibrant and a Peace will fill your Soul. There is a merger here. A joining of the Physical and Spiritual.

As a Creation of Mother Earth, you walk upon Her breast, breathing Her air, drinking Her water. Your bodies are made of her Elements.

As a Creation of the Universe, the Spark of God, of which you are, Ignites this Earthly existence. Being physical need not limit the Truth of Being. Being Physical need not hold You captive.

It is upon You to explore and Unite in a balanced cohesion, this Physical and Spiritual Energetic expression You are currently manifesting. Feel your way. Let your feet be upon the ground, let your Heart soar in the Heavens. This balance is essential for Ascension.

Bring into balance these Energies of Creation, for, you have incarnated upon Mother Earth for such a thing. Leave not the Physical out of Mind. Unite and grow the piece of God of which you are, with this Physical Plane upon which you have entered. One cannot be without the other in this time\space incarnation. To focus attention on Spirit alone is a form of disconnection. The stage for your Spiritual Growth was set upon Gaia for the purpose of Expansion.

The challenge is before You, and You have taken up this challenge well. Human Consciousness is Rising towards Unity. Can this ball of clay become Enlightened? Can you be apparently separate from Your Source and return Home. Of course! This is happening for you have Truly never been apart from God. Yet, the game is being played out and you have chosen to participate.

You are involved in a journey of mythic proportion which, is supported by the Whole of the Universe. Expand your Heartmind to envelop the Earth upon which you stand. Together we join You and support You in this endeavor. Cause no harm, be at Peace. Know that you are Home with All of Creation while traveling upon this Physical plane.

We rejoice in your progression.

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