Programming Your DNA!

Programming Your DNA!

A multitude of studies have been done and science has concluded that DNA copies itself and in doing so controls proteins and these proteins manifest as our bodies. Our DNA is housed inside our cells and each cell holds within it the ability of every other cell whether manifesting as bone, skin, eye or any other of the thousands of cells that come together to create the human body.

So how are these individual cells deciding how to direct our DNA to manifest? If it is not the DNA that controls our cells what does? Where is the ‘brain’ of the cell and how does it direct its DNA?

Biology has recently discovered that it is the skin or the membrane of the cell that acts as the coordinator or ‘brain’ of the cell. Stating the nucleus is the reproductive material storage center of the cell, NOT the brain as was previously thought. The nucleus can be removed from the cell and it will still live and function, which would not be true if it were the brain. The brain of the cell – the part of it that distinguishes itself from its non-self and makes decisions about all functions of the cell organism – is the membrane. It interfaces between the interior of the cell and the environment; the world in which it lives. The cell membrane is the functional element that controls our DNA, our life!

      The cell membrane is actually an information-processing computer. The cell’s genes are the hard drive with all the potentials. This is why every cell in your body can form any kind of cell because every nucleus has all the genes that make up a human….. Bruce Lipton PhD

This understanding has phenomenal implications for it describes an ability to affect our DNA by exposing the cell membrane to outside influences which will in turn direct our DNA!

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It was discovered long ago that everything—EVERYTHING—is made up of energy. Quantum physics has proven that underneath physical structure exists nothing but energy! So you see you are energy that vibrates and has the ability to affect and be affected by energy.

Every possible program is built into your cells. You can determine the outcome in which the cell manifests for you can control the information sent through the cell. Ultimately it is you, your Soul or Spirit that has the ability to influence the cell membrane energetically! You can energetically create the environment that your cell is interfacing with.

In this vibrational world it is your perceptions that influence growth, healing and ability to manifest. When you look at a thing or a situation as solid and unchangeable you limit your ability to create.  When you understand that energy and vibrations are communicating with your cells, you begin influencing positive outcomes. How you perceive the world can either open or close the door to self-empowered creation.

As we share together in the quantum soup of vibration it is important to know that we should all be in harmony together, evolving cooperatively, without competition or struggle. Gravitate towards what stimulates your highest vibration. Surround yourself with energies that inspire growth and wellbeing. In doing this you communicate, or program your cells towards healthy outcomes.

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You are not resigned to accepting any pre-programmed gene expression. It is your right and your responsibility to create a healthy, balanced vibrational field around you. Healthy food, good smells, nice music, positive belief systems are a few of the many things that contribute to the environment that sends signals to your cells in order to promote a positive response from your DNA. Take charge and be the creator you were designed to be!

4 Perceptions that will change your world:

  • Everything in the Universe is energy and every living organism communicates with vibration. As you interact with your environment you are absorbing and sending energy at the same time.
  • Ultimately it is up to you to decide about a thing and by changing your perceptions you will gain control over your life. Finding a positive slant on a situation can alter your perception, your actions and any outcome.
  • Your beliefs affect your DNA! Activate what you perceive to be a healthy environment and you activate healthy DNA.
  • Our evolution is based on cooperation and there is no need to fight or struggle against anything or anyone. Gravitate towards others, who are on a similar path; we grow exponentially as we grow together.

For a more in depth explanation of this concept watch this presentation by Bruce Lipton PhD.


Biology of Belief – by Bruce Lipton (full documentary)

Dean Ornish shares research that shows how changing your environment can affect a person at a genetic level.

Dean Ornish: Your genes are not your fate

* * *

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What really lies in the 97% that scientists call “JUNK DNA”?

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