In ‘The Twelve Layers of DNA’ Kryon (channeled by Lee Carroll) uses numerology within the revelations of DNA. With this in mind, this article will concentrate on giving you an understanding of what numerology is and how it can be used so that in the months that follow we can begin to take a more intensive look at the twelve layers of DNA as explained by Kryon:

      ‘Numerology is a multidimensional system of old, and a conceptual system of energy developed by a far more advanced group of spiritual thinkers than we currently are experiencing.’                                                                            The Twelve Layers of DNA pg 81


Numerology is one of the metaphysical sciences, defined as the study of the spiritual quality of numbers and letters. Recognizing that numbers have vibrations and each number vibrates differently from the next due to the number of cycles it oscillates at per second. The variation in each case is a number. Every sound, color, fragrance and thought is a vibration, and each vibrate to the tune of its inherent number, each in a distinct way connected to life. In this way you can see how human life is intimately connected with numbers.

Numerology is one of the oldest sciences in history having origins in the ancient cultures of Greece, China, Rome, and Egypt and it also has ties to Jewish, Christian and Islamic traditions.

Revealed by Pythagoras, a sixth-century B.C. Greek mathematician and mystic who is considered the Father of Western numerology. Based on his perception that nature is a set of numerical relationships, divine law is defined and accurate, and that all of this can be computed through numbers. His central thought was the idea of order. All of life has a system and an order, a mathematical, musical, ethical, social and cosmic order. It was Pythagoras’ view that numbers are the measurement of form and energy in the universe, which led to his system of numerology. One of the key contributions in his work was the theory that the numbers 1 through 9 are symbolic representations of the nine stages of human life.

“Know thyself, then thou shalt know the universe and God” ….. Pythagoras

As we get into this remember as always to have fun! If it doesn’t ‘feel’ right to you don’t do it. Numbers only reflect the energy of the situation, using the synchronicities of the reality of your personal experience to work.  Numerology is a system of numbers and numbers don’t lie, but keep in mind the numbers in and of themselves don’t make things happen.

Let’s start with finding your personal ‘set’ of numbers. Your personal numbers create a template for the energy in your life; they can help you understand how to live in accordance with your own natural energy.  We will learn how to calculate four of your core or ruling numbers, your Life Path Number, Destiny Number, Soul Number and Personality Number. These numbers can reveal a direction, a road map for achieving happiness and success in your life.

This is a very basic and ultra simplified version of the process of numerology and can be fun to do for yourself and with friends and family. If this spawns an interest please study further. There are many professionals who have spent a life time working with numerology who can be of great assistance and many books written on the subject in more detail – see links below.

Information provided by your core numbers can be as complex as you desire, revealing more detailed information than provided here. We are just attempting to give you an explanation and exercises in order to form a basic understanding as we continue on with our discussion of the twelve layer of DNA.

We have included a worksheet to help with your calculations.
Print out Worksheet with Alphabet chart.

Download Worksheet

** Please note when adding our numbers do NOT continue to add numbers 11, 22 and 33 they are Master Numbers and have their own meaning which will be explained below.**

Life Path Number will reveal your natural gifts and talents that will allow you to fulfill your destiny, this number is found by continually adding the numbers of the month, date and year of your birth.

To calculate you life number add together as follows, do not add individually as it will not produce Master Numbers.

Example August 23, 1965:  8+23+ 1965 = 1996 next add 1+9+9+6 = 25 next add 2+5 = 7

Destiny Number refers to your purpose and direction in life, this number is found by spelling out your birth name, finding the corresponding numbers and adding them together as follows.

Example Lee Jim Smith 3+5+5+1+9+4+1+4+9+2+8= 51 next add 5+1 = 6

 Soul Number exposes your heart’s desire and establishes your motivation, to calculate this number add together only the vowels from your birth name as follows.

Example Lee Jim Smith 5+5+9+9 + 28 next add 2+8 = 1

Personality Number unveils your true self and the attributes of your inner being. This number is found by add together only the consonants of your birth name as follows.

Example Lee Jim Smith 3+1+4+1+4+2+8= 23 next add 2+3= 5

Now that you have your numbers what’s next?

This is the fun part. Tune into your higher self! Use your innate knowing, your intuitive sense to know yourself a little better. No one knows you better than yourself, by reading the meaning to each number draw your own conclusions and you will understand yourself better.

We have included the definitions of each number as given in The Twelve Layers of DNA book:

“Here are the simple meanings of single digit linear numerology from the book ‘12 Layers of DNA’  … there are no good or bad numbers. They relate to your situation and your own path. Each one can be wonderful or challenging depending on the situation it is presented within. This in itself should tell you just how complex and multidimensional this all is. Kryon uses them in a quantum way, which simply means that they are all sensitive to their potentials. But the basic meanings are the ones that follow:

One (1): New Beginnings
A number about “self.” Some also see it as a unity number.

Two (2): This is The Duality Number
Human vs. Divine – Polarity.

Three (3): This is a Catalyst Number
Creative—Also joy and inner child energy – powerful!

Four (4): Mother Earth Energy
The physical world – Understanding or being based in structure.

Five (5): Change
A number ruled by Mars in Astrology – a very fast number.

Six (6): Sacred
Communication – Harmony – Balance – Love.

Seven (7): Divinity
Wholeness – Perfection – Learning Life.

Eight (8): This is The Practical
Structure – Practical – Manifestation.

Nine (9): This is the Completion Number
Completion – Sensitive and Psychic – Humanitarianism.

Eleven (11): Illumination
Twenty two (22): Master Builder – cosmic law
Thirty Three (33): Christ Energy (Christ as a title, not a name)

We just did the numbers for ‘DNAwakeup’ and of course it was no surprise to see the following.

DNAwakeup : 4+5+1+5+1+2+5+3+7= 33


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