Music and DNA

For those of you who have spent any time in meditation or just time alone listening to ‘spiritual’ music, chanting or well, any sounds at all, you are aware of the impact that sound has on your mood.

It’s a well-known fact that music affects the human body with its frequencies and vibrations. We experience the energizing effect of sound and music every time we hear music with a heavy beat. Remember how listening to your favorite dance hit gets your toes tapping and makes you want to start dancing.

Our health or mood can be strongly affected by music, toning, chanting, and singing.

The correct vibrational frequencies can be used to heal and balance our bodies. What does this have to do with your DNA? We believe that tuning yourself to the proper music will aid in regenerating, renewing and waking up your DNA.

Believe what your DNA is telling you innately and listen to music that feels good.When you listen for reasons of growth and enlightenment open yourself up to the possibility of the vibrations moving down into your very core. The sound around that sound that can’t be heard with human ears will find its way on a quantum level innately to your DNA which is being affected, moved, altered and restored to its original state.


      ♫  With clear intentions miraculous things can happen with music!  


Dance, Free Movement and DNA

With music or without, the human body loves to move. Your DNA resides in your physical body and therefore feels all movement. You are showing appreciation and offering love to your physical body with your movement. When you combine movement with intention, this offering gains power.

Dedicate time to ritual movement. Acknowledge the presence of your Metaphysical DNA and you will transport your body, with movement, to an active and alive feeling. Play with this energy by twisting and turning, expanding the organism that is your physical body. Become one with your DNA, allowing it to inspire your movements as you become an extension of all the components and layers that make up your physical being. You will feel refreshed and rejuvenated, carrying the knowledge of wellbeing within you upon completion.

Moving your physical body sends a message to your DNA that, in fact, you are aware and seeking out a positive, healthy response.

Music and Meditation Reviews by Patrice

Let me just say, there is soooo much great music out there, it’s going to be interesting (and fun) to start reviewing some of it for our website. The criteria we are using is ‘any music that helps us connect with our inner/higher self.’ So as you can see, that could be so different for everybody. So we will talk about some of our favorites and we will encourage you out there to let us know what some of your favorites as well – we’re always open to suggestion and love ‘sharing’ inspirational music!

11:11 Piano Meditations for Awakening by Richard Shulman

This has been one of my very favorite CD’s for a few years now so I have to put it on our list! Richard Shulman is a keyboardist and composer who has 23 of his own albums and has composed music for many other projects as well. Born and raised in Niagara Falls, NY, he started playing piano when he was only 7 years old. He says that he creates music ‘intended to be a positive influence for himself, audiences, and society.’ He calls this album a ‘tranquil exploration of wake-up calls from spirit.’ I call it WONDERFUL! I often put this CD on when I feel the need to relax and become totally relaxed. I LOVE putting it on as I go to sleep, but I also love meditating with it playing softly in the background. I feel like I can feel Richard’s spiritual connection through his music; it seems very rich and authentic to me. It’s kind of like landing on a ultra-soft, billowy couch and being oh-so-comfortable. When Richard was first getting into meditation, he used to play piano for the different meditation and healing groups he was involved with, that is how his love for ethereal/spiritual music began and it has just continued to grow and expand from there. He currently lives in Asheville, NC. I’m excited to review more of his albums, but this one is definitely a great start!

11:11 Piano Meditations for Awakening

I give this 5 thumbs up.

Gently – David Parkhurst Crane

This is David’s first CD and I absolutely LOVE it! David plays peaceful and soothing guitar music – no drums or other distractions. As I was reading about him, I found this on his website, ‘Uninterrupted quiet guitar music with that special ambiance to help soothe and create a peaceful atmosphere.’ I couldn’t have said it better myself! I can listen to this CD over and over again, there’s just something wonderful about it that I can’t get enough of! The simplicity of it is certainly part of the draw for me. Incredibly relaxing!

Gently … David Parkhurst Crane

I give this 5 thumbs up.

‘Your Present: A Half-Hour of Peace’ – A Guided Imagery for Physical and Spiritual Wellness.
by Susie Mantell

This CD won a ‘Listen up’ award for ‘best audios’ and when you hear it you totally understand why. Susie Mantell has the perfect ‘velvety’ voice for doing a guided imagery meditation. This is a wonderful, relaxing 30-minute CD to help you unwind and melt your worries away. Her beautiful, soothing voice just seems to wrap around your every cell as you relax deeper and deeper into your own well-being. I don’t know how she does it – but she does! Well, she is a ‘stress relief facilitator’ after all and man-o-man does she know her stuff! It’s as though she wraps you up in the snuggliest blanket ever…and then rocks you to complete peace! You’re almost kind of sad when it’s over because you just want her to keep talking and soothing you. I have listened to many guided meditations but this is truly my favorite! It would also make a great gift! It’s definitely on my gift-giving list now!

Your Present: A Half-Hour of Peace: A Guided Imagery Meditation for Physical & Spiritual Wellness

I give this 5 thumbs up

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