Made Manifest

Welcome, all those who journey in Oneness. How is it your faith is unshakable? When you sit in Peace, what holds you to your truth? The Spark within you is strong and bright. You have existed always and have journeyed far along the path before you.

Stand within your Power now, for you are Powered by the Love of God. You rest now in the knowing of your Truth. ‘I AM because God IS’. In the space of Now, in the space of your Truth, all is as it should be. Take comfort in this and know you will not doubt or stray from your truth any longer.

Rest your consciousness in the space of Peace, of knowing all guidance will be clear and the simplicity of being will be made manifest. You sit in a vortex while the confusion and chaos of the world spins around you attempting to draw you in. Putting on a show. You see, you look, but you are no longer drawn in.

You stand assured! You stand in your Power! The Love of God is always with you and you have clearly chosen this again and again.

Accept that you are present in the Now. Relax into this that you have been working towards for a millennium.

You are there.
You are here.
You are NOW!

It is done! How happy this news is! The celebration is at hand. You have earned your final rest, which does not mean death. It means life eternal. Lay down your efforts and feel the bliss. Enjoy the journey, this feeling space, for you have earned it!

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