Light of the Universe


As we connect today, we offer you an assurance that you are Divinely Inspired in all you do. All your behaviors serve to bring you closer to an understanding that you are, we all are, always being given guidance. How this guidance serves you can be manifested in many ways. For if you choose to look the ‘other’ way, if you choose to lose faith in your innate knowing, you will still remain on the path to enlightenment.

The path of ‘dark’, is an overlay which causes those upon it to find a focused clarity of what is undesirable to them. There is no judgment in this. When we say all roads lead to God, we include the paths that would be considered dark and evil.

No one is lost. Knowing this about the dark does not increase its draw or your desire for it. The heart feels a way that leads to God which does not ask for sacrifice.

In choosing Love and choosing Love again, and again, the Light of the Universe will shine the way clear of pain and suffering. Surrender your need to control and follow the path before you, lit by the Spark of God and the ‘dark’ overlay will dissolve beneath your feet.

As you wander in your wondering, rest in the Heart and feel your way. Thinking can be confused if not tempered by the Grace of God, which brings clarity to the mind.

In Oneness with God, enjoy this Earthly ride. Spark on in freedom, in any way you choose!

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