Junk DNA and Intelligent Design!

Forty years ago when scientists discovered the majority of our DNA (98%) does not encode proteins, the non-protein-coding portion was labeled ‘junk’ and credited to molecular accidents that have accrued in the course of evolution.

I set out creating the new Monthly Feature which would be based on the discussion of ‘Junk DNA’.  As I began my research I was quickly bombarded with information which I did not expect the term ‘Junk DNA’ or the new discoveries that have been made including the functions of this commonly thought of ‘Junk DNA’ to elicit. It became apparent to me that the phrase ‘Junk DNA’ hit some very core belief systems of many scientists. What I found was a very large and passionately heated debate of the implications that such discoveries made upon theories of creation. Darwinism vs. Intelligent Design fueled by ‘Junk DNA’, I would never have imagined that the controversy of junk DNA related directly to one’s personal belief in God.

Within the pages of ‘The Myth of Junk DNA’ by Jonathan Wells, concludes:
                  “Most of our DNA does not code for proteins; on that, everyone agrees. The question here is whether non-protein-coding DNA is nonfunctional ‘junk’ that provides evidence for Darwinian evolution and against Intelligent Design.”

You could say Darwinism takes the God out of creation and that Intelligent Design puts God back in, assuming that God is the Intelligent Designer. However advocates of Intelligent Design often avoid identifying or naming the intelligent designer, it merely states that one must exist.

Whatever your personal belief of God includes it should be able to fit within the definition of Intelligent Designer.

Kryon explains God in this way:

                 “What is God?  It is simply the word you use for the creative energy of the Universe and that which is everywhere, quantum, with no beginning or end. God is also that which is you, but not residing in you. God has split apart a piece that lives in you which is also in an entangled state (part of God-part of you), and that makes you a part of creation. The ‘God in you’ is literal. There is a part of the creator consciousness in every Human who has ever lived on the planet.”   …The Twelve Layers of DNA’ page 202

Darwinian Evolution is a four billion year old process, creating life forms primarily at random but each shaped by an ever changing and complex environment, that has resulted in all the wondrous life around us. The team Darwin argues ‘Junk DNA or non-protein-coding portions of DNA are remnants from the evolutionary process, no longer needed for survival’.

Intelligent Design has been described as the proposition that certain features of the Universe and of living things are best explained by an intelligent cause. The I.D. team claims ‘There is a purpose for this 98%, it is not junk we have simply not discovered it yet.’

These are simplified explanations of Darwinism and Intelligent Design and are in no way meant to be anything but quick summations to help you with a basic understanding with concern to the topic at hand. For a more detailed description of both you will find plenty of books and internet sites available with many levels of explanation, please do some follow up research if these philosophies spark your interest. I have included a small selection at the end of this feature.

* * *

This is a controversial topic which deserves more investigation.

According to Wells
                       “Our genome is increasingly revealing itself to be a multidimensional, integrated system in which non-protein-coding DNA performing a wide variety of functions…. Even apart from possible implications for Intelligent Design, however, the demise of the myth of junk DNA promises to stimulate scientists willing to follow the evidence wherever it leads”.

Science Philosopher Stephen C. Meyer used the information theory to suggest that messages transmitted by DNA in the cell show ‘specified complexity’, specified by intelligent design and must have originated with an intelligent agent.

DNA as Evidence for Intelligent Design with Stephen C. Meyer

The Noncoding Genome: Finding Treasures in our Junk DNA

Does it have to be one way or the other, perhaps a compromise would serve us well?

Either way we are all individual intelligences on this earth, creating as we go. Intelligent beings designing.

Could there be intelligent design within the theory of evolution and vice versa?

It would be an intelligent move to have the ability to improve as our environment demands, to evolve more intelligently. (This is simplified but you get my point)

We innately know that something ‘more’ exists. Could this something more be found within the 98% of our ‘junk’ DNA?

Life is a miracle from all angles, a magical wonder. Feel the excitement and celebration of such a marvel, the existence of ‘all that is’. Try to feel the truth within yourself, with your own innate knowing.

Could this Junk DNA be the part of God within us? We possess the intelligence to create. An innate intelligence that lies within us, within our DNA. In this we are truly co-creators.

* * *

Download this Free Chart with a simple explanation of Junk DNA.
Download PDF Junk DNA Chart

Center for Intelligent Design Lecture 2011 by Stephen C. Meyer

              “Things in a multidimensional state are not logical in 3D. Quantum physics makes very little sense to the linear thinker, and you are linear. Therefore the ‘bias’ you carry is this very fact: That your reality is based in only a few dimensions that the Universe enjoys. Until the ‘rest of the picture’ reveals itself, most likely due to your scientific quests, you will only see the limited reality you sit within. Things outside of 3D will remain a mystery, seemingly to be random and chaotic instead of logical and systematic. Your DNA carries with it your spiritual blueprint, and all the instructions for who you are. All of that is in the 90%, which is multidimensional.”

               “Therefore, the discussion of DNA is the discussion of your creation, your Akashic record, your Higher-Self and your spiritual lineage. This is why we are concentrating on it.”  ………Kryon ‘The Twelve Layers of DNA’ pg 263

* * *

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