Joy is Your Natural State

Welcome. You are existing in a plane of humanity that can be represented as a vast grid, a piece of paper we could say which, drifts in the wide expanse of the Universe. Upon this and within this, Energy Sparks, giving consciousness an Earthly bending.

Drifting, spinning, flapping, and overlapping. This is a temporary journey of creation. An experiment of gravity and separation.

How wondrous is this! Your Spark is extended but, a part of you is grounded here. As you awaken to the Spark within you, the vastness of all you are becomes apparent.

Sit in this space and know you are one with God. Dancing in the Universe together with ‘ALL’ others in Unity. The illusion is strong. The physical feels real. Yet it is but a tiny bit of the Spark of all that is.

Play upon the Earth for in truth it is a simple, sweet, and juicy existence that but reflects what is not so. Lighten up in your experience of this Earthly Plane. Look the other way. Do not be drawn into the permanence of despair.

Pretend your belief if you must for in the end, you will know what is true.

Joy is your natural state.

Oneness will be found in you.

We are all God eternal.

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