Focus on the Heart

I am filled with joy to greet you.

As are we. How are you feeling? Can you find your feelings that are not of the mind? Be still and listen within. Focus on the heart. Your mind can deceive, for it is a program that works towards fear. These thoughts are not true feelings and must be pushed to the side. Use the Spark. It is a tool that will assist you. Push the mind’s fearful thoughts to the outer space and sit still within your heart.

Peace is found and Joy is set free when you remind yourself who you are. It is in the forgetting, the separation, that you become lost to yourself. In truth, Love is all there is, so, you must be Love.

As the mind turns and twists reality, attempting to lead you towards fear, smile in recognition and know this is not truth.

It is your work to be consciously aware. Mentally remove the blocks that keep you from being in Love. Visualize the removal, the dissolving. There is no need to dissect each block. Simply notice with feeling their presence and set within them the Spark of God. Stating “This is not my truth for I am Love and Love creates no harm”.

I am at peace in God.

The abundant Universe is my keeper.

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