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Some exciting new discoveries are coming to light in the scientific world! Well, honestly this news is over 20 years old; it just takes that long for this kind of information to filter down to the mainstream.

Non-genetic factors are being observed to cause organism’s genes to behave differently!

Newtonian Physical vs Quantum Physics:

The last time the scientific world shook with new information of equal importance, was the discovery that an atom was not made up of physical particles but actually made up of vibrating energy! This finding changed everything about our core belief systems about ourselves, our world and the universe! Yet the spiritual masters and seekers of the world had long before expressed this understanding.

We are witnessing science catching up to our innate spiritual understanding…

This ground breaking discovery will significantly impact human development theories; its implications for individual health and wellbeing are extraordinary!

Where we were once considered victims of our DNA programming, it is now becoming evident that through Epigenetics there are other influences affecting the development of an organism. Genes are the blueprint, YOU are the contractor!

Signals from the outside world can work through the epigenome to change a cell’s gene expression!

dna-gene-environment-interactions-1What is Epigenetics?

According to the University of Utah Genetics Science Learning Center:

“The development and maintenance of an organism is orchestrated by a set of chemical reactions that switch parts of the genome off and on at strategic times and locations. Epigenetics is the study of these reactions and the factors that influence them.”

Epi- (Greek for over, above, outer) indicates the study of effects caused in genetics which come from a place other than the gene.

This is empowering news for it reveals the ability of individuals to affect their personal gene expressions through environment, diet, beliefs, physical activity and more. The genome dynamically responds to these triggers by activating chemical switches that regulate gene expression. Confirming that your individual DNA is listening to your intentions and innately responding to YOU!

epigenetics dna activation

Positive Gene Expression = Positive Messages + Positive Chemicals When positive signals are available or present inside and outside the body through positive lifestyles and positive living conditions derived from internal and external environment, gene expression mechanisms and activities work normally (=healthfully and well).

As scientific as all this may sound, please remember that I am not a scientist. I am a spiritualist and it is my belief that as individual beings we are filled with the love of God. Lying within our DNA is a piece of God waiting for our call to aid in our evolution upon the earth. By accepting our power to change things within our bodies through epigenetics we become co-creators with God in our individual destinies. The potentials are limitless!

Bruce H. Lipton Ph. D, scientist and new-age thinker expressed it this way:

“As you change your mind, as you change your belief you change your biology. No longer shall we perceive ourselves as victims of heredity. Receiving genes, that we didn’t select and genes that we can’t change and believing that these genes controlled our lives …. We are totally empowered as Masters of our biology. The way we see life, the way we respond to life changes our genetics and our behavior, and also affects the way we live in this world.”

We have trillions of cells in our bodies ‘Listening for Signals’!

These ‘signals’ are sent using three different forms of communicating.

  • Direct contact – cells signal to their neighbors. For example during embryonic development.
  • Release factors – cells send out signals which are ‘caught’ by other cells or themselves. For example cells of the nervous system.
  • Energy and vibration (like radio signals) – signals are released in one part of the body, then they travel through the blood stream to affect other cells. For example sex hormone work this way.

Environmental factors such as emotions, diet, beliefs, perceptions and interactions can use all of the above systems when communicating with cells. For example what we eat is circulated with direct signals; Stress creates vibrational signals that then move from cell to cell.

The epigenome changes in response to theses signals.

Signals are being continually sent to our cells. All throughout life the cell’s experiences are transferred to the epigenome, where they shut down and activate sets of genes. While you actively communicate with your DNA your vibration is being felt and your epigenomes are setting out to work. Through meditation, breathing, free-movement, artistic expression and various other forms of communication you are creating an outcome. With focused intent you become an active participant in your own personal evolution.


In early development signals come from within cells and neighboring cells, as they are defined and assigned individual roles for creating a human being. The mother of an unborn child also sends signals that travel to developing cells. These signals may be expressions of nutrition and environment, a relaxed state or the feeling of stress.

During your lifetime a wide variety of environmental factors start to play a role in shaping the epigenome. Social interactions, physical activity, diet and other input all generate signals.

As you grow older cells continue to listen for signals in response to the environment and outside world, while internal signals direct activities for maintenance.

Genomes provide codes for development and maintenance of the body. Epigenomes provide a second set of instructions which activate or suppress the expression of genes, without changing the genetic code. Unlike the underlying genome which is largely static within an individual, the epigenome can be dynamically altered by environmental conditions.

There are a multitude of conclusions you may draw from the presentation of this information, it is mind-bending to say the least. What is most important is that you know the strength of your own ability to effect growth and enlightenment, within yourself. Whether it is physical or spiritual you are a creator and taking the time to activate your personal journey through conscious intent is a powerful tool! Your physical body is listening and stands ready to aid in your journey of self-discovery and wellbeing.

“Elevating our vibration towards love and light is humankind’s highest pursuit!”


Bruce Lipton – Biology of Belief

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