Embrace the Love

Rejoice for all is well. There is no other way to be. Hold the vibration of love and trust. Your higher good and the higher good of all is always at hand. The path has been laid before you and your Spark will lead the way.

It matters not if you wander off for a time. The path remains. When you are ready you may once again step upon it. The Universe does not judge your absence for you can never remove yourself from all that is. As a Spark of God, you are free to travel at your own pace.

What else is there to do? Why hurry a Divine Mission? All will come to fruition, All will be revealed. As for now on this Earthly Plane, the discoveries are miraculous, and the journey is the game. Have fun!

You have tried on many costumes, dabbled in many ways of being, and in the end, for it is already ended, you find your heart. This much is assured.

It’s a Hallelujah and Hooray when you realize there’s nothing more to it. Letting go of the heavy non-truths of the world and embracing the Love of the Universe, despite the slight removal of your consciousness, is the prize. A prize you receive here and NOW.

Claim it!

In the center of your being, know all is well in God.

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