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Programming Your DNA!

Programming Your DNA! A multitude of studies have been done and science has concluded that DNA copies itself and in doing so controls proteins and these proteins manifest as our bodies. Our DNA [...]

LOVE is in Your DNA

♥ LOVE is in Your DNA ♥ Love in its purest form presents itself in many ways, kindness, compassion, non-judgment, affection, acceptance, forgiveness, just to name a few. All positive feelings [...]

You are UNIQUE…

You are unique just like everyone else! So if we are all one how does this work? How can we be ‘All One’, yet retain our individuality? The answer lies in our DNA! “Your DNA tells an [...]

The Art Of Manifestation

The Art Of Manifestation ABRACADABRA! Manifestation doesn’t come with an Ala-KABAM! —it comes into being following the directions of your intentions. Positive Intention is a powerful tool in [...]


Laughter! by Liz Clark   “♪ “I love to laugh ha, ha… ha, ha… loud and long and clear. ♫ I love to laugh, so everybody can hear. ♪ ♫ The more I laugh the more I fill with glee and [...]

Immune System!

Immune System! by Liz Clark DNA Activation Immune System “How would you like to double the Immune System’s efficiency? You will be able to enhance your DNA and the instructions to the [...]

Human Regeneration!

While researching last month’s feature, Epigenetics, I become enthralled with the limitless possibilities of the amazing human body and its ability to change, heal and create our physical beings [...]


Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Some exciting new discoveries are coming to light in the scientific world! Well, honestly this news is over 20 years old; it just takes that long for this kind of [...]

Happy New Year

Happy New Year What this means for most people is a time for setting goals and resolutions, a time for a fresh new start at life. But, what does that mean? Year by year our physical body travels [...]

Who is Kryon?

Who is Kryon? Over the next few months we will begin delving into the twelve strands or layers of DNA as explained in an etheric manner. Throughout DNAwakeup.com we often refer to statements made [...]


In ‘The Twelve Layers of DNA’ Kryon (channeled by Lee Carroll) uses numerology within the revelations of DNA. With this in mind, this article will concentrate on giving you an understanding of [...]


Ask your body what it wants. You have an innate intelligence within you, inside you and ‘It knows you’!                         “…your cellular structure knows all about it, wouldn’t you think? [...]

Let’s Talk Brains!

The human brain is filled with your DNA, as is every other part of your body and although some may think the brain is in charge we think that it is a tool for humankind to use for our physical [...]

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