Creating the Fabric of Life

Welcome. Today we want to remind you of your Oneness with All That Is. Sure, you have heard this time and again. Does this oneness feel real to you? How does it feel?

Within your heart, Oneness manifests as Compassion and Love.

Oneness hinges on acceptance. Acceptance of all beings, to express their Divinity as they so choose. In a blanket of sameness, variations emerge. Sparks flying around, finding their space within and upon the Grid. Forming an immense masterpiece representing the All, the Universe, God.

In the splashing of differences, a picture emerges of the whole.

Relax into this Oneness, trusting that the All is being created in perfection. You who have found your place of peace within your heart, who have found perfection in the sight of others, connect all others in Love. For in truth there are no others.

When you see flaws in ‘others’, flaws will be brought out in yourself. Isn’t judgment a flaw?

Yes, and it is a flaw that bounces, reflecting back upon yourself. But do not judge yourself for judging ‘others’. In doing so separation is perpetuated. In truth, there are no flaws.

We are all the Universe expressing. We are all finding our way together. We are all creating the fabric of life, journeying on the Grid towards enlightenment.

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