Communicating with your DNA!

Communicating With Your DNA

By Liz Clark and Lynne Atkins

Everyone can talk to their individual DNA. It is an innate communication that can be easily achieved. You can start today with some of the simple practices listed below. As time goes by your relationship with your Metaphysical DNA will strengthen. Trust in your inner wisdom to guide your continued dialog. You are merely connecting to yourself, to God, to the totality of all that you are.

Statements of Empowerment
It has been discovered by Dr. Poponin, a renowned quantum physicist that DNA is susceptible to receiving information from an outside source*, which confirms that DNA indeed responds to outside communication.

This discovery has opened new fields in scientific research. In a recent article Siobhan Erica Ciresi, author of Operation Humanity Transcending, Part 1, describes the science of Epigenetics.

“Epigenetics means control over the genes’ and it too has demonstrated this most fundamental aspect of our being. It shows us that every cell is programmable—we used to think that our genes controlled our behavior, our biology, our destiny. Now we know that we come in with gene ‘programs’ and that we can re-write them, we can re-program our DNA which is a carrier of information.

With this in mind begin to talk to your own DNA. Begin simply with statements of acknowledgement and empowerment. Accepting that this communication is innate; simply start having conversations with your DNA. Say or think things like, “I know that you are building new DNA every second in every bit of me, so build new healthy strands”, “Build strands not in old patterns of disease but as whole and new”, “You know what you are doing, don’t be lazy and just copy old bad DNA, make new healthy strands, 100% PURE!”

Know that you are also speaking from your DNA as you make these statements, for the wisdom of your higher self also resides within your DNA. Even going so far as reminding your DNA to ‘wake you up’ to the things that may already be known to you and stimulate your awareness to the synchronicities in your life. You may find yourself rambling on declaring statement after statement about what you want your DNA to do. This is OK. You are giving instructions to the powerful engine that is creating more DNA every second of every minute of every hour.

DNA Chanting

Chanting is an ancient practice, which has long been used as a way of aligning oneself with spirit. It has been used as an application to bring an individual into a place of focused intent. Begin a routine of morning ‘DNA’ chanting, you will find it to be a fantastic way to get your day started in a direction of positive expectation for healing and wellbeing. In addition, as you chant open yourself up to the wisdom housed within your DNA. Tuning into the divine guidance and higher intuition that resides within, open yourself to the realm of limitless possibilities!

There are no rules, in fact finding your own way of attuning yourself can be a very powerful expression! Gone are the days of sitting for hours practicing under the guidance of a guru. Human kind has evolved into beings that are capable of tapping into their own higher selves.

Explore different expressions, rhythms and tones in your chanting. You may simply repeat the letters ‘DNA’ slowly as you exhale through your mouth and again ’DNA’ as you inhale through your nose, with the knowledge that within your DNA resides your divine connection. With no detailed expectation but with focused intent of wellbeing, allowing the letters to wrap around themselves, twisting and expanding as they do in the double helix, all the while finding harmony.


We all know that DNA cannot be seen with the naked eye. But, did you know that each of your cells has 46 chromosomes and each chromosome is one long piece of DNA? If you were to stretch out the DNA from those 46 chromosomes and lay it end to end, it would be over four feet in length. Yet this DNA is coiled up inside the nucleus of a single cell. And you could fit ONE THOUSAND nuclei (new-clee-eye) across the period at the end of this sentence. What is equally amazing is you could fit ONE MILLION threads of DNA across the period at the end of this sentence*. Currently studies are underway which seem to indicate that DNA is a loop instead of a strand! WOW! How can we visualize such a seemingly mysterious thing?

*Have a Nice DNA, Enjoy Your Cells by Frances R. Balkwill and Mic Rolph.

Many scientific and artist representations have been created of DNA. Find a representation of DNA that feels good to you, whether real or imaginary. Surround this DNA with positive thoughts represented by a clean, clear vibrating energy. Holding on to this vision in a state of acceptance and love will create an awareness within your DNA. You are calling for attention as well as giving attention; in this you spark co-creation towards a healthy and happy physical manifestation.

We have created some graphic expressions of each individual Metaphysical Layers of DNA along with combinations creating the four groups and also the twelve layers as a whole. You will find these to be very useful for your visualization practices.

Click for all the Twelve Layers: FREE DOWNLOADS


Use these images in meditation and expand upon them, surrounding them with beauty and love. Know that this vibrant representation of your DNA is within you a thousand fold creating and renewing. Play with the feeling, colors and clarity, allowing movement and transformation. As long as you are feeling good so is your DNA!

Statements of Empowerment, Chanting and Visualization are only a few of the many ways you can communicate with your DNA. Waking up your DNA make up is a new and exciting practice and we are sure more information will be made known on this subject in the near future. This is leading edge information that promises to bring about change within individuals and the world as a whole.

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