Celebrate ‘YOURSELF’ in the New Year!

Celebrate ‘YOURSELF’ in the New Year!

It’s time again for setting goals and resolutions, a time for a fresh new start at life!

What does that mean? Year by year our physical body travels along the linear timeline of Earth, taking our soul with us as we go. Wouldn’t it be fun to stop working from the left side of our brains, tediously listening to the ‘have tos’ in order to achieving more of what we want? Stop burdening your spiritual flow with ridged outlines created by the brain; a taskmaster who is unwilling to trust in your divine right, the divine right of wellbeing! Instead in this New Year, 2014, relax into who you are ~ An Intuitively inspired extension of God!

Make it your mission for this year, ‘2018’ to become who you truly are!

This little question is not as simple as the three little words would lead you to believe. Philosophers have posed this question since the dawn of time to elevate their understanding of Humanity. The question “Who am I?” has been used by mystics all over the world in their pursuit and teachings of higher spirituality. True spiritual seekers ask ‘Who am I?’ throughout their journey to their essential nature, which lies whole and unbroken. This is often done in mediation or quiet contemplation of the self, through direct inquiry or creative expression.

How do you identify yourself?

Your thoughts on this may progress this way; your name, your work and social status, your life experiences, your thoughts.

You will truly know yourself when you understand that you are your Soul ~ your Spirit. Once you embrace this understanding you will be able to use the power that comes directly through you which is taking form in your body. You are a higher dimensional being, an extension of God! When you quiet the self and still the mind, your true nature will be allowed center stage. In this space you can tune into the greater aspects of your ‘self’, that which lies beyond your thoughts. Feel your connection to higher consciousness for this is the essence of who you are. This is the core of your being, your soul. You will discover the part of God manifesting itself into your physical being. You are not simply a physical being but, a part of the Universe which manifests through your DNA and creates your human form.

This experience has been described by spiritual seekers throughout history as a timeless, spaceless presence that is blissful, free and filled with a knowing. From this place you will truly know who you are! Only when this is known to you can you discover and let go of ways of being that no longer serve you, freeing up energy and giving space for love and the ability to live more fully.

Ramana Maharshi, Spiritual Master and teacher of self-inquiry, celebrated the practice of asking one’s self ‘Who am I?’ He answered this question “I am the Self, which is identical to the Source and God”

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What Does It Mean To Say ‘Know Yourself’? – Video by Deepak Chopra

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No one can answer this question for you, it is personal and the truth of the answer must be felt within. Only YOU can truly know yourself in such a way that will open you to your private awakening.

Here is an activity to aid in the ‘Manifestation of Self’ by making a statement about your desires.


If you are right handed hold out your left hand and if you are left handed hold out you right hand.

Envision yourself placing in your open hand ‘All Your Dreams and Desires.’ With your hand outstretched and wide open, surrender and allow your intentions to fly out into the universe, becoming a vibrational match with your desires, your dreams and your ability to create.

From your higher consciousness filled with pure intent, release these dreams and desires to the hand of God as you place your hand, palm down onto a blank sheet of paper. A sheet of paper filled with nothing but unlimited possibilities! Trace your hand, leaving a personal frame in this field of all possibilities.

Using any medium you desire; pen, pencil, magazine images, anything! Fill in your hand. Write, draw and express yourself freely creating your intentions within the outline of your hand.

Make Your INTENTIONS Clear for the New Year, for what you are calling forward.

  • In your palm: Express the essence of your vibration.
  • At your wrist: Express your core strength which will empower your vibration.
  • In each of your fingers: Express your desires to be manifested.

With GRATITUDE and APPRECIATION acknowledge the year that is passing.

Around the image of your hand express what you have accomplished, your blessings, and all the things that have occurred and stand out from the past year.

That is all there is to it! Put your paper away for the year or keep it out, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you turn it over to the Universe, trusting and surrendering in the power of God.


Listen to your guidance and trust in your inner knowing. As you continue to do this activity each year you will be amazed as you see the intentions you have placed on your fingers move to the space outside of your hand.

* * *

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