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Working spiritually with your DNA and DNA activation are leading edge concepts and at the moment there are only a few books and articles out addressing this subject. However it is apparent that many more will be on their way as the potential of communicating with your DNA and all the opportunities this offers humankind comes to people’s attention.

Periodically we will be submitting to you our reviews on the latest works available.

Our reviews may also include other topics that we have been drawn to while on our spiritual paths.

We welcome your requests and suggestions of books, articles, movies or other media which reflect the nature of our website. These requests will be subject to our discretion.

As for now we would like to start you out with a suggested reading list.


Dan’s recommended reading…..

Kryon: The Twelve Layers of DNA (An Esoteric Study of the Mastery Within)

This is the twelfth book presented by Lee Carroll, channeler of Kryon, an energy from beyond the veil. First off let me assure you that to read this book it is not necessary to have read all the others. I hadn’t.

The introduction gives all the background information needed to understand the energy of Kryon and the motivation for the information presented in this book.

I found this book fascinating, filled with concepts that felt like truth to me. Along with many scientific explanations and comparisons both Lee and Kryon take the time to break down this information into examples and metaphors that simplify the understanding of complex issues. DNA is explained as 12 energies and meanings are given to each. This is a concept that explains ‘junk DNA’ the 97% scientists have not found any use for.

It is a story of humankind unlike any ever told before, yet it feels familiar. This esoteric account pushes the limits of our historical and even religious beliefs. It turns the responsibility of not only ones life but the evolution of earth back to the individual and does not judge the outcome. For in the end success is assured.

Simple processes are given for an easy transition to your full potential and for health and self awareness. For, as explained by Kryon it is an innate process and is as simple as ‘talking’ to your DNA.

I didn’t hurry through the reading of this book, allowing the information time to sink in and even reread parts as I went along. It has given me a new excited outlook, and confirmation for my feeling that all is well!

Kryon Book Twelve: The Twelve Layers of DNA by Lee Carroll

I give it a five thumbs up!

Genetics for DUMMIES: 2nd Edition

345 pages long, Genetics for DUMMIES 2nd Edition contains everything you could ever want to know (and in my case much more) about the scientific aspects of DNA. It is filled with all the facts your brain needs to find a full understanding of the workings of DNA as can be proven by scientific study. However, it lacks the spiritual quality which has been described in many esoteric explanations of DNA which I find to be the most intriguing part of DNA.

I did enjoy the parts I read in this book with its ‘plain-English’ explanations. Which, helped me understand the basics of DNA thus allowing me to expand my own vision when reading other esoteric publications about DNA.  It was easy to jump around exploring different sections without having to read page by page, in order. So you can explore whatever section you are drawn to without losing any understanding.

An interesting quote I found at the end of the book on page 345 under the heading: ‘Making Something Useful out of Junk’ reads, “Researchers are finding that ‘junk DNA,’ proving to be far more functional and essential than ever before, is crucial for turning genes on and off. In addition, it may have been junk DNA that flipped the switch and gave primates like us the ability to grasp tools and walk upright. A particular section of noncoding DNA called HACNS1 kicks off genes that appear to control development of thumbs and toes. These findings have led scientists to believe that junk DNA may be just as important in evolution as the genes themselves.”

It is exciting to think about how much more lies within our DNA. I believe individually we can have an innate understanding and communication with our DNA. This book can give you a physical foundation for further self exploration. has taken a fun experiment from this book and added it to our DNA and Art section. Try it out and you can actually SEE DNA with your own eyes!

Genetics For Dummies

dna-suggested-reading-book-6Have a Nice DNA

Now, in comparison to Genetics for DUMMIES this book was a breeze! Yes, it was written for children and filled with fabulous illustrations but I still found a great amount of pleasure and information in it! In 45 minutes or less you can learn everything you learned in the DUMMIES book and end up having a smile on you face and being filled with wonder.

Have a Nice DNA is a light hearted look at the scientific facts surrounding DNA and truly can give you a firm basic knowledge. The amount of information within this book was plenty for me to feel comfortable enough to expand my studies in a more esoteric direction. Some may feel the need for more details but this cute little book is a great start.

And you can teach your kids!

Have a Nice DNA (Enjoy Your Cells, 3)

dna-suggested-reading-book-0Transition Now: Redefining Duality 2012 and Beyond

Published in 2010, Martine Vallee leads a dialogue with three separate channels, about our changing times on planet earth as we ascend into the transition of 2012. Martine openly gives her thoughts on her beliefs for discussion and asks questions that have been on many of our minds, challenging familiar ‘New Age’ concepts. Clear answers are given and explanations expanded upon by these three entities. Not always sharing the same perspective, the differences cause the reader to find their own way to what feels like truth to them. However, what is clearly shared by all three is the belief that a shift is in progress not only with humans but also within Gaia and the universe as a whole.

The discussions included in ‘Transition Now’ will push your edges and possibly expand your thoughts beyond their current position. I found the Kryon section so fascinating I read it twice.

Transition Now: Redefining Duality, 2012 and Beyond

I give this book a 4 thumbs up.

The Great Shift – Co-creating a New World for 2012 and Beyond

This book is part one in a series preceding ‘Transition Now-Redefining Duality 2012 and Beyond’ which interestingly enough I read first. In a similar manner, Martine Vallee leads a dialogue with three separate channels. Honestly I am glad I read book two first because I don’t think I would have moved on to book two after reading book one. Published in 2009 ‘The Great Shift’ would have been a better read in its time, however I found it to be filled with information that would be outdated for the average new age reader. I found the beginning and ending of the book far more enjoyable than the middle which is the majority of text, having difficulty making my way through. With all the new informative books being published currently, I would recommend you give this one a miss.

Great Shift, The: Co-Creating a New World for 2012 and Beyond

I give this book a generous 2 thumbs up.

Dying To Be Me – Anita Moorjani

We, (all of us have now read this book) found ‘Dying to Be Me’ nothing short of brilliant! What a truly amazing personal experience this woman shares with us in these pages! Anita Moorjani writes about what led up to her ‘Near Death Experience’ and how her life was forever changed afterward. The incredible knowledge and understanding she experienced and received throughout this ordeal is mind-blowing and we say that having read many different books about people’s NDE’s. This book will touch you on a very deep and personal level and is a must-read for anyone seeking increased understanding of the Universe and the ‘magic’ within it. But it is also a great book for spiritual skeptics – considering her amazing (and quick) recovery from such devastating physical issues.

Born in Singapore and living in Hong Kong, Anita, of Indian parents, recounts her experience of being brought up with conflicting belief systems and a deep rooted fear of everything which eventually manifested as Hodgkin’s Lymphoma – grade 4B (the highest grade) lymphatic cancer. During her four year journey looking for a cure using nontraditional treatment, she finally gives into western medicine and finds her health spiraling downward until she reached a point of total organ shut down. You will not be disappointed with Anita’s ability to put into words her phenomenal experience after leaving her body. Her explanation and understanding of our existence beyond earth is truly inspiring. She has an amazing way of expressing her experience in a way that becomes visceral to the reader. We all felt somehow ‘changed’ on a very deep level after reading this book.

Reporting after her return to a full healthy life “I was on the precipice of some great adventure, I still didn’t feel that I had to do or pursue anything for it to happen. I just had to be myself, fearlessly!  In that way, I’d be allowing myself to be an instrument of love. I understood that this was the best thing that any of us could possibly do or be, for both the planet and ourselves.” Her experience pertains so much more to life than it does to death. She even says in the book on several occasions that she realized her experience was not just for her, but for everyone on the planet! You truly can feel that as you read this book!

You will not want to put this book down. Although packed with mind expanding concepts it is an easy read. Filled with life changing insight, this book is a must read for all spiritual seekers…and everybody else too!

Dying To Be Me: My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing

We all give this book a very enthusiastic five thumbs up!

The Myth of Junk DNA by Dr Jonathan Wells

I didn’t know what I was getting into when I started reading this book. What I found was an attempt to show every bit of data available on known uses for what was previously thought of as ‘junk DNA’. All the data and information however was presented to prove the Darwinists wrong. According to Dr. Wells the Darwinists are plotting against all the God fearing people by using ‘junk DNA’ as evidence for their cause against Intelligent Design (God). Although I found it very interesting I found myself reading through a lot of information I didn’t really care about.

Approximately 120 pages of recorded and explained experiments proving some uses for ‘junk DNA’ and 50 pages of the notes to prove all this evidence is true. In the end Dr. Wells has a non-conclusive conclusion, if you can believe that, stating “Most of our DNA does not code for proteins; on that, everyone agrees. The question here is whether non-protein-coding DNA is nonfunctional ‘junk’ that provides evidence for Darwinian evolution and against intelligent design.” This conclusion left me feeling it was all for naught, I just kept telling myself ‘it is educational and it never hurts to learn new things’.

The Myth of Junk DNA

I give it a two thumbs up

Living With Spirit, Going Beyond the Physical — By Adolphina Shephard

I don’t know what compelled me to order this book and as I flipped through it, getting ready to start reading I had the feeling it may be a bit amateurish. However feeling optimistic I dove in. As I was reading the story of the mishaps and tragedy surrounding the lives of Adolphina and her husband I started feeling hesitant about continuing. Was it the implication of a dark and evil force or the fact that demons and devils existed and could cling to you like unwanted clouds of yuck? Possible, but as I forced myself to continue reading I soon discovered these evil dark forces that were being described could grab your soul and drag you to hell while creating all sorts of havoc in your physical body all of this unbeknownst to anyone but the educated, psychically trained intuit. Not only were these evil, negative entities being described but also multidimensional portals that can exist in your home or living area without your even knowing. Two thirds of the way through the book I closed it, no longer wanting to read such ghastly stories. Sure in the end you are advised how you can rid yourself, family and friends of these situations but I personally just don’t believe it and did not find it felt like my truth.

I did have one good thing come out of this experience and that was the discovery of another book which I will review shortly titled ‘The Messengers’ by Nick Bunick and G.W. Hardin.

Living With Spirit: Going Beyond The Physical

As for this book I give it a sliver of a thumb nail and recommend you give it a miss.

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