Becoming the Light of Truth

Welcome. Awaken in Love to the spirit of surrender. Find Joy and Peace in letting go. What is it that you would cling to? What binds you to anger and hate?

Such heavy feelings.

Yes, judgment causes these heavy feelings of anger and hate. They may be as small seeds yet, the gravity of their weight can be felt, heavy in the heart.

Freedom lies in letting go of judgment and finding forgiveness. Release expectation that you can be damaged by another. Lie down your shield of judgment, for it reflects away the Love that is streaming to you, as a gift from the Universe.

Stand naked and exposed trusting that the Love of God alone is all that is needed to protect you in your surrender state.

Trade your shield of judgment for unconditional Love. Let your triggers draw your awareness towards Peace.

Forgive, forgive, and forgive again.

Allow, allow, and allow again.

Narrow your focused Spark, place it in your heart and visualize this Spark in the heart of all others, for we are One. Together we will be united in God, igniting all our Sparks and becoming the light of truth.


Exposing the face of God.

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