Be Still and Smile

Today we are here. We must begin with our congratulations and continue with encouragement that you will follow this path. Open the doorway for a clear channel. We would like to talk to you about what is to come for ‘your’ embodiment and opening up a clearing and a Divine connection. Space is but a void which you feel with intention and acceptance. Belief is the foundation. It can be simple for God is Love and Love is all that is. Bits and pieces cloud your vision when the mind wanders so, first we would ask that ‘separate’ thoughts be released. See them pulled to the outer space so that they may disappear, and clarity be given. You will be shown in the clarity the feeling which causes a vision.

Seeing your feelings, is this possible?

When you feel with love Spirit opens your inner eyes and vision comes forward. Close your eyes now —

A road emerges, a path into the emptiness which I can follow into the light.

Be still — these things you ask for yourself, for we ask nothing, yet we are here. Guiding, directing with a whisper.

⭐️ Be still and smile. Your smile activates remembrance.

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