Be Excited!

And so, it continues. With great joy, we are with you today. What will be brought forth in love and light is a message of infinite bliss and tranquility, for although many things seem to be happening on your earth there is nothing you NEED to do but trust your inner guidance. Know that you are safe and relax in joyous abandon for Love will not forsake you. Transition is at hand within and without. This requires nothing but stillness from you. Continue along the path you have now excepted. Here it comes.

(I feel the excitement!)

As you should, for you are a piece of the Universe and by choosing Love you will be kept safe, and all will be revealed. Open to another way within yourself of seeing the world and your place in it. Simply be Love. Follow your guidance and allow.

Do not fret over the actions and behaviors of others for they cannot affect you as your shield of Love keeps you safe and your acts of non-judgment allow you to coexist with an inner peace and harmony that will be reflected onto your outer world. Release any need for validation, accept that you are as the Universe created you for it is true. This life is not a thing to be concerned with or overcome but a space to Love and grow with ease. Lie down your need to create. Lie down your expectations of change. Stop the mind when you notice its entanglement with the actions of others or your planning of outcomes.

Be excited! Yes, in a loving way that allows the Universe to inspire your actions and lead your way. You are not on a challenging journey when you release expectation, desire, and wishing. You are allowing the journey to flow through you, taking you to a feeling of betterment in every moment.

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