Art and DNA ….

Personal creative expression of your DNA

Art as a transformative media

Visual art has long been seen as a therapeutic tool. The introspective and profoundly personal nature of the creative arts can open an individual up to their inner feelings and beliefs.

In this section we are leaning toward the art-making process as a creative method and positive expression of innate communication with your DNA by tuning into your DNA through drawing, color and design.

As you participate in artistic activities listen to your inner voice and be guided from within. Focus on healing and restoring your DNA to its original state. The human body regenerates itself, creating new cells constantly. We can tap in, and use this ability to let go of old patterns and create anew

DNA Spiral

In this first exercise we have created a simple way to begin your artistic dialog with your own DNA.
1. Print out the simple drawing of a DNA double helix below.
2. Slowly fill the DNA strand with inspired colors of your JOY.
3. Fill in the space on either side with your hopes and dreams (written or drawn)

………. and so it begins. You may repeat this exercise as often as you like, saving your art to mark your journey.

Eye of Intent

Defining your dreams and expressing your desire can be a powerful way of affirming your intent.

Play with the vision you hold for your future, for this is your NOW!

Within the iris create your vision. Here are a few techniques you can try.

1. Use cut out pictures and graphic images from magazines or other printed sources. Glue these images into the iris.
2. Create your own expression of what you wish to call forward into your life. Draw, color and or paint these expressions inside the iris.
3. Cut out the iris and place a small piece of aluminum foil behind the cutout in the paper. Focus on the reflection to go within and call out your intentions.
Feel free to color and decorate the rest of your page however you feel inspired. Make as many eyes as you like, facing in any direction.

You are the creator. Enjoy!

Molecular Madness: Extracting DNA at Home (from)

Genetics For Dummies (For Dummies (Math & Science))

Using this simple recipe, you can see DNA right in the comfort of your own home! You need a strawberry, salt, water, two clear jars or juice glasses, a sandwich bag, a measuring cup, a white coffee filter, clear liquid soap, and rubbing alcohol. (Other foods such as onions, bananas, kiwis and tomatoes also work well if strawberries are unavailable.) After you’ve gathered these ingredients, follow these steps.

1. Put slightly less than 3/8 cup of water into the measuring cup. Add ¼ teaspoon of salt and enough clear liquid soap to make 3/8 cup of liquid altogether. Stir gently until the salt dissolves into the solution. The salt provides sodium ions needed for the chemical reaction that allows you to see the DNA in step 6. The soap causes the cell walls to burst, freeing the DNA inside.

2. Remove the stem from the strawberry, place the strawberry into the sandwich bag, and seal the bag. Mash the strawberry thoroughly until completely pulverized (I roll a juice glass repeatedly over my strawberry to pulverize it). Make sure you don’t puncture the bag.

3. Add 2 teaspoons of the liquid soap-salt solution to the bag with the strawberry, and then reseal the bag. Mix gently by compressing the bag or rocking the bag back and forth at least 45 seconds to one minute.

4. Add 2 teaspoons of the liquid soap-salt solution to the bag with the strawberry, and then reseal the bag. Mix gently by compressing the bag or rocking the bag back and forth at least 45 seconds to one minute.

5. Pour the strawberry mixture through the coffee filter into the clear jar. Let the mixture drain into the jar for 10 minutes.Straining gets rid of most of the cellular debris (a fancy word for gunk) and leaves behind the DNA in the clean solution.

6. While the strawberry mixture is draining, pour ¼ cup of rubbing alcohol into a clean jar and put the jar in the freezer. After 10 minutes have elapsed, discard the coffee filter and pulverized strawberry remnants. Put the jar with the cold alcohol on a flat surface where it will be undisturbed, and pour the strained strawberry liquid into the alcohol.

7. Let the jar sit for at least 5 minutes and then check out the result of your DNA experiment. The cloudy substance that forms in the alcohol layer is the DNA from the strawberry. The cold alcohol helps strip the water molecule, causing the molecule to collapse on itself and “fall out” of the solution.

* * *

More patterns and processes will be made available.

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