All That You Are

Good evening. How can it be that time is essential? Note, anytime you choose to tune in affords you the opportunity to connect. We are always here. How about that? Simple, easy, always delivering. But will you take the time? Do you feel you are wasting time or being non-productive?


Forget the rest. Allow the best, Ha!! Nothing matters, but, balance is required. A bit of worldly mixed with a bit of the Eternal.

Feel the Earth, be grounded in time while feeling the Universe, feeling God, feeling the Spark that you are!

It’s time now to mesh together the two and as you do the Universe will spit you out into Grandeur! Into Joy, Bliss, Love, and Light! At this time ——— transition is happening ——

Remember always you cannot, you will never go back, as ‘back’ is defined as withdrawing from your now.

Spark On!!


Later the same evening…

You say all these things but what of this would truly change my world?
Far Out! Open to your guidance.
Yes, I feel that but… OK, the journey is the prize.
The journey is the flight of fancy.
Leave it all behind. That world of pre-Covid, for nothing, will be the same.
A permission has been given to you to be suddenly justified to be All That You Are.
A play of alternatives. A thoughtful fulfillment of a defined way of being. What is it that you choose to be?

Can you see you have been kept safe? You have been cared for. You have been allowed the space to grow into All That You Are.

It is a time of trust now.
That is the energy that expresses as
“All Is Well”

Too simple? Allow!!

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