All Is Well

Welcome. We hold you in Love and in remembrance of All That You Are. For you are still that and have never been otherwise.

Do you think when you reincarnate you leave a piece of yourself behind? Do you think that the you who is upon this earth is less than?

Could it be that a part of you, the part of you that holds all wisdom and knows all Love, has separated from who you are now?

Be assured blessed being, you are all of that, all the time, in Oneness with God. The Universe is massive and expansive but, in this, you are never removed from who you truly are. You are as close to yourself, as close to God as your breath. The breath of God, Sparks your life in the Universe and assures ‘all is well’.

Creation is a gift, given to you that you may see the truth of our Oneness. Nothing created in the absence of God will last. It will not satisfy your being and draws your attention to its eternal release.

Feel your way to the truth of all that you are. To the truth of all that we are, of All That Is in Oneness, Grace, and Love.

Open your heart, and you will be called forward into the Light.

In truth, this is your only desire.

In truth, you are there now!


Antara Mana

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