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Welcome! Born on 11 11 2011, DNAWakeup.com joined the World Wide Web, bringing with it new insights and discoveries surrounding spiritual growth and wellbeing, creating a platform for self-discovery and universal understanding. As we become better people the world becomes a better place. We have been inspired by and share the wisdom of spiritual teachers of the past and present. In the spirit of joy, appreciation and compassion you are invited to be a part of DNAwakeup.com.

Together we will continue to add more inspiring information and life changing processes based on leading edge thought. We will explore scientific and spiritual discoveries made by experts in their fields, as well as individuals like you, who are intuitively connected to such wisdom! The secret of our personal power and connection to God is out; we can now claim our divinity as we expand our self-awareness.

Your DNA awaits your call! It’s time for you to “Wake Up” to all that you are.

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We are three women who were born in the 60s who have spent most of our lives (like lots of other people) searching for truth and wisdom through various methods of study including science and spirituality. Between the 3 of us we have professional degrees in communication, sociology, behavioral science, and art. We have worked professionally in the fields of psychology, personal growth training, management, web design, SEO and graphic design and have all owned successful businesses.

We have years of study and training in various ancient and modern spiritual disciplines including reiki, Native American traditions, hypnosis, akashic record reading, Mayan calendar studies, and crystal light work. Between us we have read thousands of books and attended hundreds of seminars in an attempt to expand and grow and become all that we can be. We are driven to contribute to making the world a better place through our experience in it. We seek out others with similar ideas and dreams – people on the ‘leading edge’ of thought who strive to grow and expand to places we have never been before.

We have journeyed separately and together to expand our humanistic qualities of love, compassion, patience, tolerance, forgiveness, contentment, responsibility and harmony. We are incessantly moved by the beauty and creativity that – to us – reveals a greater meaning and power beyond our visible world, and that is why we are compelled to create this website. We know there are so many other people – just like us – who are connecting with their ‘true’ selves as we experience the great shift in the world that is so clearly happening all around us.

Together we share many ideas about personal growth, but we also stimulate each other to new heights as we ‘push the envelope’ of current accepted thought and ponder the ‘what ifs’ of new ideas. That is what prompted us to create this website about DNA.

DNA – DeoxyriboNucleic acid (Dee-ahk-see-rye-boh-New-clay-ik Acid). Your DNA tells an amazing story – the story of your Life itself. For the past four billion years or so, since the beginning of Earth, DNA has been the chemical of life.  Everything that has ever lived, or now lives on the planet has DNA just like you.  Your DNA is the ‘map’ specific to you and only you! It’s what created you in the very first place and it’s what defines and identifies you as a unique individual. Your DNA is in every one of your cells from the hair on your head to the tip of your toes, and it is working every day, hour, minute, and second, creating the ‘you’ that is your physical body!  Now you might think this sounds pretty ‘scientific’ but this is NOT a science website. This is a website about possibility.

It’s no secret that the majority of scientific studies support the idea that on a biological and quantum level our DNA is the key to our ‘make up.’ Yet, science can only account for the function of a small amount – about 3% – of our DNA, so for many years the other 97% was considered functionless junk left over from the evolutionary process. But that view has been seriously questioned of late – especially after completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003. Fewer and fewer people are accepting this explanation of ‘Junk DNA’ and the 4 of us are among them! What could be happening in this huge amount of genetic material that no one can explain?


Could we honestly believe it’s just ‘excess baggage’??

No way – we don’t buy it and neither do a lot of other folks! We agree with others who are saying that something incredibly powerful is in that 97%:  something that we could connect to and affect within ourselves. What if that’s where the energy of our spirituality is? What if that is where our own ‘divinity’ resides? What if we could communicate innately with that part of us?What if we could reprogram or guide our DNA as simply as putting the intention into it? Could something this simple be the key to awakening our DNA, the doing of which could change EVERYTHING in our physical lives?

We believe this is all possible and that is the basis of DNAwakeup.com. We want to explore the possibilities of what DNA actually might be and what it really means to us. Our hope is to steward a thought-provoking website where we can create – with you – a community that looks to the incredible potential of our abilities.

Together, we can assist each other in learning and expanding our thoughts as well as reaching our own individual potential. Awakening and reprogramming our DNA is only the beginning…

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