A Universe of Is-ness


Today we come to you with the wisdom of the Universe. No small task, yet a simple truth. “We are One, God is all that is.”

How does this affect your incarnation here on earth? This too is simple. Feel within your heart to this knowing, this truth. You are because God is. Shrouded in complications your earthly present attempts to make more of this truth.

Our oneness with God, the Universe, once embraced, brings Peace Everlasting. This truth cannot be given to you. It is not something to be chased or created, it simply IS.

As you work towards knowing yourself, you will find that a place of calm, sweet surrender within is constantly present.

In the healing of yourself, you heal all.
In the knowing of yourself, you know all.
In the feeling of yourself, you feel all.
In the finding of yourself, you find all.
In the being, in the allowing, in the comfort and peace that abides within, it is given to all.

We are one for we are God.

We together are all that is.

One with each other. One with God.

A Universe of is-ness.

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