A Piece of God

Good morning. Who is it that sits here? Who is it that speaks? It is but one and the same, for we are all one.

As you open to the guidance from the Universe trust that your wisdom flows, for it is the wisdom of all that is, coming into you as a focused Spark. Your guidance is always present and can be reached with ease and understanding.

The ‘veil’ is but a myth separating you from your truth. It is not a wall, there is no space between you. Feel your way across the great divide for it is non-existent.

Ever-present, always available, we are here. Can it be that simple? Can we be so close? Yes, it is true. Rest in the understanding that all you need to do is tune into the vibration, the higher knowing and understanding that all is well. Accept your place as a piece of God.

All is given. You are deserving simply by being that piece of God. The power of the Universe surges within, without, and through you! Always.

Relax into you.

Relax into God.

We are one in the love and in the light.

This is the truth.

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