Made Manifest

Welcome, all those who journey in Oneness. How is it your faith is unshakable? When you sit in Peace, what holds you to your truth? The Spark within you is strong and bright. You have existed [...]

All That You Are

Good evening. How can it be that time is essential? Note, anytime you choose to tune in affords you the opportunity to connect. We are always here. How about that? Simple, easy, always [...]

Light of the Universe

Welcome. As we connect today, we offer you an assurance that you are Divinely Inspired in all you do. All your behaviors serve to bring you closer to an understanding that you are, we all are, [...]

Together In Oneness

Welcome. We are here today as we can be always. As we are always. You are not journeying alone in this world adrift in time and space. Sparks fly, through and all around the Universe in Oneness [...]

Truth of Our Oneness

Welcome. Space is a vacuum that encases your world. Time dances within this space creating a tapestry of experiences that call you forward. As your Spark, the Spark of others, and the Spark of [...]

All Is Well

Welcome. We hold you in Love and in remembrance of All That You Are. For you are still that and have never been otherwise. Do you think when you reincarnate you leave a piece of yourself behind? [...]

Creating the Fabric of Life

Welcome. Today we want to remind you of your Oneness with All That Is. Sure, you have heard this time and again. Does this oneness feel real to you? How does it feel? Within your heart, Oneness [...]

There is No Judgment

Welcome. It is a day of blessings. The way is being made clear for you. Your ability to create is enhanced, as your thoughts turn to the truth of All That You Are. Focused intent directs your [...]

Shine Light on the World

Peace be with you for all is well. Sit still in this peaceful knowing. There is nothing you specifically ‘need’ do. The path to peace is not restricted to one concrete way. This path is [...]