A Piece of God

Good morning. Who is it that sits here? Who is it that speaks? It is but one and the same, for we are all one. As you open to the guidance from the Universe trust that your wisdom flows, for it [...]

Embrace the Love

Rejoice for all is well. There is no other way to be. Hold the vibration of love and trust. Your higher good and the higher good of all is always at hand. The path has been laid before you and [...]

A Universe of Is-ness

Welcome. Today we come to you with the wisdom of the Universe. No small task, yet a simple truth. “We are One, God is all that is.” How does this affect your incarnation here on earth? This too [...]

This May Seem Too Simple

Here we are. We welcome you to your higher wisdom. Within you lies all you need to know. Be still and listen. No one is left without their inner wisdom. Although many doubt this Inner Voice. [...]

Focus on the Heart

I am filled with joy to greet you. As are we. How are you feeling? Can you find your feelings that are not of the mind? Be still and listen within. Focus on the heart. Your mind can deceive, for [...]

Who Calls You Forward?

Good morning. Again, we are here. We want you to know all is well. Find peace within yourself that all will flow. Once upon no time, a space was created that allowed for expansion. It began as a [...]

The Heart Path

Welcome. It is with simplicity that we call you forward. Not pulling, not pushing, but encouraging and allowing. This open path that stands before you cleared by the ‘Spark of God’ is yours to [...]

Spark of God

Welcome. Another wave of wisdom is approaching. Upon it rides safety and assurance that you are and always will be cared for. Open your heart to the understanding of this. Allow a gentle [...]

Be Excited!

And so, it continues. With great joy, we are with you today. What will be brought forth in love and light is a message of infinite bliss and tranquility, for although many things seem to be [...]

Be Still and Smile

Today we are here. We must begin with our congratulations and continue with encouragement that you will follow this path. Open the doorway for a clear channel. We would like to talk to you about [...]